The Dallas Stars team, which survived the Stanley Cup final in the fall, returned to work earlier this week when NHL training camps kicked off next season.

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Dallas' Finnish star Miro Heiskanen has caught the attention of journalists immediately following the camp, as he has been particularly enthusiastic about the work.

- It's hard to get off the ice!

Saad Yousuf, editor of The Athletic, writes.

According to Yousuf, Heiskanen, 21, has always been left to train extra after training with his willing teammates.

On the first day of the camp, Heiskanen trained with Roope Hintz.

On the second day, Heiskanen first fed Russian striker Denis Gurjanov with a slap.

- After that, Heiskanen held a court with a couple of other members of the Finnish mafia, Joel Kiviranta and Esa Lindell.

They practiced a few different patterns.

In one of them, Heiskanen shot the right B-point from the arc and Lindell guided the puck in in front of the goal.

The stone beach shot from the blue line, Yousuf described.

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Heiskanen's pack pair in team practice was oversized Jamie Oleksiak.

While Dallas practiced playing superiority, Heiskanen formed second superiority together with strikers Radek Fax, Hintz, Gurjanov and Kiviranta.

On Wednesday, Dallas played an in-club practice game.

The green-shirted team represented by Heiskanen took a 5–4 overtime victory, thanks to a handsome Finnish top corner shot.

Heiskanen was Dallas' most powerful player in the playoffs last fall.

He hit 6 + 20 = 26 in 27 playoffs.