It had been about an hour since the end of the bronze medal match at the Junior Ice Hockey World Championships, when Finland's head coach Antti Pennanen arrived at the press conference.

The coach, who returned to the Finnish medal standings, raised the handling of a bitter semi-final loss and how the team loaded everything into the final match as key issues.

- I am very proud of.

I want to thank all the players, the team background team and the coaches.

It was unbelievable because yesterday was really hard for us, Pennanen referred to a 3-4 loss to the United States.

- We played a good match against the United States.

Today we had a plan.

One more match.

In the bronze match of the Games played in Edmonton, Russia hit the pace with its 1–0 goal, but Finland rose to the levels in the second round with Anton Lundell's full hit.

At the beginning of the final round, Mikko Petman directed the lead.

Lundell doubled the lead to an empty goal, and Juuso Pärssinen finished 4-1.

After the match, Pennanen praised Captain Lundell, who with his chains conjured solutions from one match to another.

- She's amazing.

What kind of leader, what kind of player, I respect him a lot, Pennanen said at a press conference sent to Finland remotely.

In the first three matches of the first series, Lundell scored Finland's opening goals.

In the semi-finals against Sweden, Lundell was responsible for the 2–2 draw in the final round and fed the 3–3 draw again in the third round against the United States.

The two goals of the bronze match sealed a successful World Cup contract.

- He blocks shots, wins starts, scores goals and makes a game.

He can do anything.

Whatever player he becomes, Pennanen described the Florida NHL team’s first-round reservation.

Lundell himself was moderate in his contribution.

- We relied on a friend and playing style.

We let go, and we had the right kind of relaxation, Lundell said.

- I was able to help the team with the chain, and it went just fine.

We played infinitely well as a team.

No one can do it alone.

At the end of the bronze match, Lundell was offered an extra program when he handed out medals on the ice.

The ceremonies were narrower than usual, but more memorable.

- We had a meeting in the morning.

There I was told that if we win, I will go hand out medals.

Of course I agreed.

It was one more new and special thing, Lundell said, referring to extraordinary races played in bubble conditions.