There was no ambiguity about the Young Lions ’number one star and most valuable player in the Edmonton World Cup.

The tournament culminated in a bronze medal celebration from Finland on the night between Tuesday and Wednesday, when Russia fell 4–1.

Captain Anton Lundell led his team diamond from start to finish.

Lundell, 19, rotted in the seven matches of the tournament with hard powers of 6 + 4, which was the very balance of the Finnish team.

- This bronze goes really high.

Myself and the team also had really high expectations for this tournament, and were able to meet them.

It probably wasn’t a pre-favorite.

Many probably didn’t think before the tournament that we were on medals.

We were able to show how good we really are and how we can play together, Lundell said after the bronze match.

In the bronze medal match against Russia, Lundell directed a 1-1 draw and hit the final nail in the Russian coffin by throwing a 3-1 goal blank.

- I can always improve, but the way I was able to help with goals and goals with my chain, it can be said that the tournament went just fine, Lundell designed in his familiar modest style.

Anton Lundell shared medals with his teammates.Photo: Codie Mclachlan / Magazine / Getty / AFP

Like the Solidarity Captain, Lundell quickly turned his strong personal tournament stakes towards teammates.

- Played as an team infinitely well.

No one can do it alone or be able to win games alone.

Hill I need other guys to help.

A big thank you to my chain and the whole team.

Everyone wanted to help me and everyone else on the team.

It was so small that we would not have played in the World Cup final today.

The differences are so small at such a high level, Lundell said.

In Lundell’s view, the Young Lions World Championship bronze was above all the result of a strong team.

- We had a really hard time in every game.

There was a stinging loss in the semi-finals, but we had good confidence all the time, we trusted our away friend and the way we played.

Just let go and enjoy.

We had the right kind of relaxation all the time, but at the same time a determined grip, Lundell bundled the tournament.

Lundell also took on a role in the post-match ceremonies, when he first took on the captain's mandate as the first player on the team to receive the World Championship bronze medal, and then remained to share the remaining medals with Young Lions GM's Kimmo Oikarinen.

- In the morning we had Palis, where it was said that if we win, I will go to hand out medals.

I wondered a little bit what that was all about.

Of course I agreed.

That was pretty pretty.

It was one more point on this trip, which was new and special, smiled Lundell.

- This has been a really sweet trip and experience.

I have never been involved in a similar one before.

I am extremely happy with the team that won the bronze medal.

Lundell is a top-notch promise for her age, having had a lot to see and experience during her young career.

The HIFK star player was winning the Youth World Cup gold in Vancouver two years ago.

This year’s bronze team made a particularly big impression on Lundell.

The captain gave special incense to the mental edge of the united team.

- This is perhaps the best team, where I have been, Lundell said, noting how often the Finland tournament came from behind and alongside the opponent over.

Lundell shared the medal with e.g.

For Joel Blomqvist.Photo: Jason Franson / Zuma / MVPhotos

The strong team spirit was based on familiar friends.

The journey together began years ago on a lion trail.

- First of all, we know each other really well.

This team has guys who I have known until the 14-15-year-olds.

We’ve had time to play quite a few games together over the last few years.

We know each other so well, and new guys have come along along the way.

Really good personalities, and everyone was involved in this thing and gave their all every day, Lundell shared the recognition.

- Maybe it made this such a unique tournament.

We had 25 guys, all of whom really wanted to put everything in the league and no one hesitated to block shots or go to nasty situations under tackles when they had their place.