For Tuesday, the Tour de Skin race became a pain for Frida Karlsson.

The Swedish star finished ninth in the 10-kilometer freestyle race in Toblach.

The result was a big disappointment for Karlsson, 21, who was firmly in the Tour’s winning battle before Tuesday.

He burst into inconsolable cry after the race as he explained to reporters the reason for his collapse.

In the background on the morning of race day was an accident in a hotel room that caused pain to Karlsson's back and legs.

- I jumped to hang on the door frame and thought to pull my jaws.

The frame came off and I fell right on my back.

At first I couldn’t even move my legs and Maja Dahlqvist had to call the team management for help.

A terrible härdelli was born, at first I couldn’t even stand on my own, Karlsson told Aftonbladet.

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Karlsson first said he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to ski at all on Tuesday.

Eventually, he went to the track with the power of painkillers and survived to the finish.

However, three-time World Cup medalist Karlsson is not sure if he will be able to ski until the end of the Tour.

"Let's see how it feels when the effects of painkillers stop," Karlsson said.

Tuesday's race results

Women & # 39; s 10 km (s): 1) Jessica Diggins USA 25.14.5, 2) Rosie Brennan USA 14.8 seconds behind, 3) Ebba Andersson Sweden –22.2, 4) Julia Stupak Russia –25.7, 5) Krista Pärmäkoski Finland –31.3, 6) Tatjana Sorina Russia –35.6, 7) Delphine Claudel France –48.3, 8) Teresa Stadlober Austria –51.8, 9) Frida Karlsson Sweden –52.4, 10) Alisa Zhambalova Russia –56.9, ... other Finns: 26) Johanna Matintalo –1.38.2, 34) Jasmi Joensuu –2.04.8, 50) Katri Lylynperä –3.20.8.

52 women skied to the finish.

Tour situation: 1) Diggins 1.24.50, 2) Brennan –0.20, 3) Karlsson –1.02, 4) Stupak –1.25, 5) Sorina –1.51, 6) Pärmäkoski –2.02, 7) Anamarija Lampic Slovenia –2.21, 8) Andersson –2.30, 9) Katharina Hennig Germany –2.35, 10) Maja Dahlqvist Sweden –2.48, ... 21) Matintalo –4.53, 37) Joensuu –7.05, 48) Lylynperä –9.13.