1 Arsenal – Newcastle U (1)

FA Cup: Arsenal have found new impetus in recent weeks.

Below are three consecutive wins in the Premier League.

In the last race, the WBA crashed away 4-0 and the finishers were also distributed in a way that justified the final scores.

Newcastle had to bow at home against Leicester to a 1-2 loss.

The meager loss was also justified in relation to the gaming events.

Arsenal, who has found his self-confidence in recent weeks, will leave the match as a pre-favorite of just over 60 percent.

2 Manchester U – Watford (1)

FA Cup: United is in the Premier League split top spot after winning Aston Villa 2-1 at home last time.

United also dominated gaming events in a winning manner.

Watford suffered his first loss under new coaching when Swanse lost 1 to 2 despite steady game events.

United are likely to recycle their normal opening line-up as the next Premier League match is set for Tuesday.

The hosts still earn about seven out of ten favorite stations in their home field.

3 Southampton – Shewsbury (1)

FA Cup: Southampton has a strong fall season behind them, even though they have froze in winning the last four matches.

Last time the score was equalized at home with West Ham in an undefeated match.

Shewsbury's performance has continued at last season's level, ranking in the lower middle class of the First League.

However, the year ended in good spirits with five losing matches below, including four wins.

The difference in level is clear in favor of the hosts and a home win is realized with a probability of a little over 70 percent.

4 Stoke-Leicester (2)

FA Cup: Stoke’s going to the Championship began to clot towards the turn of the year.

Last came home from a 0-1 loss to Bournemouth, even if the team had earned a point.

Although Leicester’s third-place finish in the Premier League is slightly higher than the game performances, the season has been a strong performance as before.

Below are four losing matches, in the most recent of which Newcastle crashed away 2-1.

Leicester is a clear 55 percent favorite in the match.

5 QPR - Fulham (12)

FA Cup: QPR last leveled up 1-1 as a Norwich guest.

The point was also earned compared to the game events and the game performance was better than expected.

Fulham's holds in the Premier League improved towards the end of the year.

Last time, the score was leveled at home against Southampton in a goal that ended in a goal, but even a meager win would not have been a wrong.

QPR has been better than the Ranking Championship suggests.

The guests are a stronger group for their higher quality player material, but the favorite position remains close to 45 percent.

6 Burnley – MK Dons (1)

FA Cup: Unsuccessful from the beginning of the season, Burnley also got a boost towards the end of the year in the form of league points.

Below are five matches with a balance of 3-1-1.

Last time the team won Sheffield at home deservedly 1-0.

MK Dons has continued in the Ykkösliiga at the level familiar from the previous two seasons as the team occupied the lower middle caste rankings.

The difference in level is clear in Burnley’s favor, and the guests ’stretch to surprise, despite a smaller-than-normal home advantage, doesn’t seem likely.

A home win with a probability of about 65 percent is certain.

7 Blackpool FC – West Bromwich (X2)

FA Cup: As last season, Blackpool are in the middle caste of the First League, although the potential should be better.

The WBA season in the Premier League has been gloomy, and the change of coach hasn’t brought any change, at least for the better.

Below are two ugly losses, the most recent at home against Arsenal 0-4.

Meeting the Cup will give a higher quality WBA a chance to boost their self-confidence.

Guests deserve a clear 55 percent favorite position.

8 Bristol R – Sheffield U (2)

FA-cup: Anssi Jaakkola's Bristol Rovers season in the First League looks like the previous version.

The ranking is 18th, which was also missed last season.

Sheffield United’s season in the Premier League has been grim.

The first win of the season still leaves itself to be expected.

Last time, the loss came as a guest of Crystal Palace deservedly 0–2.

A win would do good to Sheffield, who had lost her self-confidence.

The difference in baseline makes guests just under 60 percent pre-favorites.

9 Wycombe – Preston (12)

FA Cup: Wycombe missed home at home against Middlesbrought, losing 1-3.

Preston’s budding winning streak came to an end when the team lost at home to 0-1 Forest, even though they had earned a point.

Preston is of better quality than the teams, but the hosts grabbed a point with their open-minded style after the teams met a month ago.

The difference in the baseline makes guests a little less than one in two realizing favorites.

10 Brentford – Middlesbrough (12)

FA Cup: Brentford continued to pave the way to the top of the Championship as the team knocked down Bournemouth 2-1 at home.

Boro returned to the path of victories by claiming the expected 3-1 away win from Wycombe.

Both teams play strong through, but Brentford is better than the class.

The hosts control the ball and the chances of the guests resting in counterattacks.

The hosts earn one out of two favorite stations that come true.

11 Huddersfield – Plymouth A (1X)

FA Cup: Huddersfield had to bow to a 1-2 loss against Reading at home, even if the scoring better described the game events.

Plymouth, who has risen to the first league, has performed as expected and taken their place in the lower middle caste.

Huddersfield is of course better quality, but the favorite position on the home field remains at a moderate 55 per cent.

12 Blackburn – Doncaster (1)

FA Cup: Blackburn knocked out Birmingham with a convincing 2-0 performance.

Blackburn’s good performances have so far not been fully realized in the Championship as series points.

Doncaster’s season in the Premier League has gone better than expected as strong performances have elevated the team to fourth.

Blackburn is undeniably of higher quality and a home win is likely to materialize with just under 60 per cent.

13 Exeter – Sheffield W (X2)

FA Cup: Exeter, who finished fourth in the Second League last season, is in the upper middle caste of the flat series.

There were a lot of point losses in December, but overall the season has been strong.

Sheffield received important Christmas profits on both sides of his account.

The latest lucky 1-0 home win from Derby raised the team above the relegation line.

The difference between the series steps at the basic level makes the guest a clear 53 percent favorite.