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A select group of healthcare workers from hospitals, nursing homes and small-scale housing will be the first in the Netherlands to be vaccinated against the corona virus from Wednesday, the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS) reports Monday.

Personnel who qualify for an injection will receive an invitation to do so shortly.

The vaccines will be available two days ahead of schedule after a call from hospitals.

From Wednesday, the GGD injection site in Veghel in Brabant will open to the first people in the group of approximately 269,000 nursing home employees.

At that location, a nursing home employee will be the very first person in the Netherlands to receive a corona vaccine.

In addition, approximately 30,000 vaccines will be available to hospital employees in acute care on Wednesday.

According to the National Acute Care Network (LNAZ), 24,000 vaccines are intended for employees who provide immediate care in intensive care, emergency care and the COVID-19 ward.

On average, this concerns a few hundred vaccines per hospital.

The remaining 6,000 vaccines go to employees on the ambulance or COVID-19 helicopter.

Vaccination of this group is done in hospitals and takes about a week.

A repeat injection will follow three weeks later for optimal protection.

Not every hospital employee in the first round

Due to the scarcity, healthcare workers in the hospital sectors mentioned will not all receive an injection in the first round.

Staff members whose absenteeism due to illness has a direct impact on the admission capacity will be given priority, the LNAZ reports.

This mainly concerns nurses and doctors who work full-time in, for example, COVID-19 departments.

The injection locations in Rotterdam and Houten will also open from Friday.

Next Monday, the same will happen in Amsterdam, The Hague and Drenthe.

All 25 GGD injection locations in the country must be operational by 15 January.

The 178,000 employees in the care of the disabled and the 166,000 people in the district nursing and Social Support Act support will also receive an invitation for vaccination.

Pfizer's corona vaccine comes in two doses.

The invitation also states the term within which the second injection will be given.

All over-60s from spring

After the above groups, it will also be the turn of the over-60s, the other care staff and the sixty-something minors with a medical indication in the spring.

Only then will the rest of the Netherlands follow.

Children are not yet on the vaccination schedule.

This is because there are no clinical data on the vaccine in children yet: they have not yet been tested.

If research shows that the British mutation of the coronavirus does give cause to do so, it will be looked at again.

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