How to get orgasms?

Shocking or just plain wonderful.

Experts have shared their tips:

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What kind of ideas do women have for themselves?

Readers tell.

“Breathing for help”

“I trigger intercourse quite easily and many times in a row.

If sometimes O is not about to come, I have been helped by such a beating that I breathe as if I were triggering, and soon that will actually happen. ”

"When I'm on top"

"In fact, I can get an orgasm during intercourse only when I'm on the amount and pace.

Sometimes rarely do you have an orgasm all at once, while the next time you can have at least four in one session. ”


“Shaky peaks aren’t always needed, proximity matters.

When lovemaking feels good, it acts as a foreplay next time.

Sex is worth thinking much more broadly than just an in-and-out workout that needs to end up in an orgasm. ”

“Joint solo sex”

"I have an arrangement with a partner, that if the job does not complete successfully, activate the interrupt.

After all, the place in it will eventually hurt if you hang out for a very long time.

Usually then we masturbate side by side.

It actually works really well.

Both usually get in the end. ”

"Feeling like a flower"

“For me, sex and the brain are almost the same thing.

If I feel in the company of a man as a small beautiful flower that a man worships with his whole being, he is ready for orgasm even before sex (making love).

There is no problem in that state of mind.

Not usually with an orgasm, but not with it if it is not received. ”

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"It leaves between the ears"

“For myself, the best sex is not orgasmic.

I can easily get there with my physical fixation, but the best orgasm starts with a slow, intense charge between my ears, and doesn’t follow a single standard pattern.

Sometimes having a pan and having comfort is awesome.

Sometimes it’s a peaceful marathon with plans, sometimes it’s a surprisingly quick riot.

One of the very common stimulants we have today (thank you but Korona) are the events and culminations of a day or two of lasting role and costume play, both comfortable outfits and activities.

Talk to good people, explain, understand and try different things you might like. ”

“Suitable partners”

“It’s really important that partners get along: they want sex about as often, they like the same things, they accept the other as it is.

It is also good to fit body parts together.

I was once in a situation where having sex with an online partner was painful.

The man said he is so big.

It really was.

Ugly thing, if otherwise agreed, the guy could talk.

From orgasm, I want to say that different women have different bodies physically.

A familiar woman said she always has an orgasm when the man touches it a little bit.

So it's just a physical thing.

Some women find it difficult to have an orgasm, even on their own. ”

“I found a suitable playmate”

“When I met my husband, good sex was exactly what attracted me again and again.

A creature was born inside me who had found a playmate.

The same thing happened to my husband.

Pretty soon I started to feel small eruptions, and I realized that they really are.

Vaginal orgasms all by themselves.

Now a perfect counterpart and similar energy had been found.

I still come every time. ”

"When a man knows what he's doing"

“It’s good to have an orgasm when a man knows what he’s doing.

When you are together for a long time, things get better and more relaxed year by year.

Love on, that's how it works. ”


 The bigger penis feels good, of course, but it has quite a bit to do with orgasm.

"Smaller equipment"

“Bigger equipment is not suitable for me.

Is it because the scars sewn after childbirth tighten.

The careless use of the penis has also slammed to the bottom, hanging incisively.

I've found that for me it is better to smaller facilities.

I jumpannut the pelvic floor muscles for years, so I can use them and take advantage of both delight.

I've heard that I'm tight, Perhaps then been mere politeness. "

“Learning alone and together”

“First learning for myself what feels good, then with my partner and also teaching him.

I had my first orgasm during intercourse when I was about 25 years old, by accident.

Without my own hands / toys, triggering intercourse is difficult for many women, so I use them myself.

Knowing yourself is the basic thing.

The more emotion and passion, the easier and better sex is.

The bigger penis feels good, of course, but it has quite a bit to do with orgasm.

My Spouse is normally equipped.

He wants to give me pleasure, this is more important.

I usually always get sex, more often many times than I do at all.

I take care of myself that I get if I want to.

Have sex about three times a week.

Love and passion are found and I also trigger with him often without any help once the initial warm-ups are done.

With the right partner, things are easier.

Nothing else to learn about what you enjoy. ”

The article was originally published in Ilta-Sanomat on April 25, 2020.