The cabinet will appeal against the decision of the Hague preliminary relief judge, Minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health) reports Thursday evening in a letter to Parliament.

Earlier on Thursday, the judge decided in summary proceedings that three Dutch people do not need to submit a negative PCR test to return to the Netherlands.

The plaintiffs are on vacation in Tanzania and want to return on January 3.

Because they do not want to be tested, they brought summary proceedings against the State.

Since last week, airlines have been obliged to test travelers who want to return from a high corona risk area by means of a pcr test.

According to


, the

preliminary relief proceedings were

filed by Jeroen Pols, the lawyer of the Virus Truth action group, who is on holiday in the African country with his family.

The court ruled in favor of the plaintiffs and decided that the family members may fly back without a negative test.

According to the judge, there is no legal basis for imposing a test obligation for travelers flying to their home country.

According to De Jonge, the verdict only relates to the three Dutchmen who brought preliminary relief proceedings.

He emphasizes that the situation for travelers to the Netherlands will remain unchanged.

The cabinet is, however, examining whether additions are needed in the short term to ensure a negative PCR test result for this type of travel, according to the minister.

The cabinet is sticking to the measure because "the epidemiological situation in the Netherlands is very serious".

"In addition, there is a more contagious variant of the coronavirus present in a number of countries. It is therefore of great importance that the virus is prevented from entering the Netherlands from abroad as much as possible," said De Jonge.