The Finnish men's under-20 national hockey team will face Canada the night before Friday.

The countries will decide the top spot in the A-block of the World Cup, which Canada is thirsting for in its home trough Edmonton.

The match starts on New Year's Eve at 1 Finnish time.

- A smile comes to your face.

A great game is coming, Finnish head coach Antti Pennanen was in the mood in an interview with TV5 after a victorious match in Slovakia and was already waiting for Canada to meet.

According to Pennanen, Canada is a good challenge.

- A well-coached team that probably has 19 first-round reservations, the head coach counted.

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Finland has two reservations for the first round of the NHL: defender Ville Heinola and striker Anton Lundell.

Lundell has led the Finnish powerhouse and scratched 3 + 3 = 6 points in three matches.

Defender Topi Niemelä has provided fire support from the ground floor at 2 + 4 = 6.

- We played a good opening round, but I think we played even better in the second and third rounds.

This is what we also want to do against Canada, Lundell said after an upswing Slovakia match on the International Hockey Federation website.

Of Lundell's winger attackers, Kasper Simontaival has been effective 2 + 3 = 5 and Roni Hirvonen 0 + 4 = 4.

- It's nice to play with these guys.

We have good chemistry, and we work hard to get the puck.

It works well.

We just have to move on tomorrow, Captain Lundell predicts.

Finland has won 5–3 in Germany, 4–1 in Switzerland and 6–0 in Slovakia.

- The Switzerland match was already a tempo challenge, and now there was a strong struggling team (Slovakia), Pennanen meditated late Wednesday night.

A block win would, in principle, guarantee an easier opponent in the semifinals than a runner-up.

Of Group B, Russia, Sweden and the United States have already secured their semi-finals.

The Czech-Austria and Swedish-United States matches will be played in the final round.

In addition to Finland and Canada, Germany and Slovakia will also advance to the semi-finals of Group A.

For Germany, the semi-finals is the first in the history of the World Championships for young people.

Germany secured its playoff spot the night before Thursday with a win from Switzerland.

Ilta-Sanomat will follow the events of the match starting at 01 o'clock.