The disciplinary delegation of the Finnish Hockey League imposed a two-match ban on Vaasa Sport striker Filip Riska.

The ban was imposed due to the events of the Sport-Aces match played on Monday.

In the third installment, Riska crashed and caused the Assie Lenni Killinen to fall into the ice with her rocking motion, as described on the League website.

No punishment was imposed in the situation.

- The situation has been considered by the situation room and the chief video judge has continued the disciplinary proceedings, because in the opinion of the chief video judge the risk should be penalized for kicking the risk (Rule 151), the disciplinary decision stated.

Killeen was not injured in the situation.

The risk was already temporarily suspended on Tuesday.

During that time, he suffered a ban on his first match.

The disciplinary delegation received a written statement from Riska on the situation.

- The disciplinary delegation states that, in accordance with his statement, Riska seeks to influence and influence the opponent's player's balance by moving his foot.

The delegation further notes that the swinging of the foot by Riska is a kick within the meaning of Rule 151, for which a match penalty must be imposed, the decision signed by Sampo Liusjärvi, chairman of the disciplinary delegation, stated.

Risk is eligible for play on January 9, when Sport will host HPK.