Has your posture stalled?

Do you feel pain in your back or knees?

Do your shoulders get stuck?

If you do sedentary work and skip body care easily, the reason for the stuck is most likely to be found at one address: hip flexors.

- If the hip flexors are tight, they can cause many misalignments in the body.

The wrong posture affects the whole body and is symptomatic in different parts of the body, says Marjo Rinne, PhD, Physiotherapist from the FAQ Institute.

Hip flexors are made up of several lower body muscles.

Together, they are involved in moving the hip area, bending the body forward, and keeping the posture straight.

If the hip flexors get stuck badly, the pelvic region may turn into the wrong position.

Then the sagging of the lower back can deepen and the posture can go awry.


 The neck pain may also be due in part to a misalignment caused by the hip flexor.

- The neck pain may be due in part to a misalignment caused by the hip flexor.

If you have to put your tense hip forward all the time, the position of your head will also change.

That's when the neck might hurt, Rinne says.

How do you know that hip flexors require maintenance?

Various symptoms around the body are the first sign, but the tension of hip flexors can also be assessed with an easy test:

Go to your back on the floor to lie down.

Lift the other knee hooked over your chest and pull it lightly with your hands towards your body.

The other foot should stay straight on the floor quite effortlessly.

- If the foot cannot be kept straight on the ground, it is a long-term functional disorder of the hip flexor.

Tight hip flexors particularly affect sedentary workers, but weak buttock muscles can also strain hip flexors.

- Modern man uses his buttock muscles quite a bit.

Walking on flat ground does not require moving them, so not all buttocks are activated enough, Rinne says.


 Seated worker, be sure to get up from your chair once an hour.

If the large gluteal muscle and the back side of the side of the gluteus medius muscle is not strong enough to make a big part of the hip flexor, for example, walking movement.

Then they also tighten.

How could hip flexors be pulled?

Marjo Rinte has a few tips:

  • “Sedentary worker, remember to get up from your chair once an hour.

    Whenever you get up, check your own position.

    Malta to reach out properly.


  • “Walking compares to hip flexors.

    Long steps give many small stretches to the day.

    See that at every step the hind leg extends backwards. ”

  • “Also remember to work out the muscles of the lower body.

    The hip flexor does not stretch just by stretching, but it requires muscle fitness.

    Vary different movements in your workouts. ”

  • “It would be a good idea to stretch your hip flexor at least twice a week.

    It’s not a nuisance, even if stretches do every day.

    There are many possible stretching movements. ”

  • This is how you stretch your hip flexor

    Repeat all movements twice.

    1. Stretch while standing

    Put one foot slightly in front of the other.

    The front leg is slightly hooked as a support leg, and the back straight.

    Push the hind leg hip forward, and feel the stretch in the hip flexor.

    Hold the movement for 20 to 60 seconds.

    The hips can be easily stretched while standing, even during the working day. Photo: Newspaper archive

    2. Stretch lying down

    Lie on your back on the floor and take one foot in your arms.

    One foot remains on the ground.

    Pull the hooked leg with your hands towards your body.

    Hold the movement for 20 to 60 seconds.

    If you want a more feel for the stretch, do it on the podium. Image: Message archive

    3. Step squat knee on the floor

    Lower one knee to the ground and raise the other leg in front of the body so that the knee is at a 90 degree angle.

    If necessary, move the back leg to the back and lower the stretch.

    Hold the movement for 20 to 60 seconds.

    Raise your arms up for stretching for more functionality. Image: Shutterstock

    4. Opening the hips while sitting

    Sit on the floor with your feet straight in front of you.

    You can place your under your hips, for example, as a towel pad.

    Hook your legs, lower your knees towards the floor and bring the soles of your feet together.

    Pull the heels as close to the hips as possible.

    You can pull your legs towards your hips, keeping your ankles at hand.

    Keep moving for at least a minute.

    This stretch is guaranteed to be effective for hip flexors. Image: Shutterstock

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    The story was previously published on the Me Women website in August 2017.