With a contract of more than $ 14.4 million, or just under $ 12 million, Dwayne Haskins, who plays in the NFL, was embarrassedly caught violating coronavir virus rules.

The 23-year-old Haskins, who represents the Washington Football Team, pressed the stripper’s pack after a losing match on Sunday.

Several pictures of him were taken in the middle of a raucous atmosphere.

Images of the quarterback began to spread rapidly on social media.

For example, Rudy Gersten shared them on Twitter.

He is the CEO of the Washington Post, which also writes about the city’s sports clubs.

- Is that Dwayne Haskins?

I really hope not.

Every woman yesterday all wore a Washington jersey shirt number 7. No doubt it seems that number 7 itself celebrated without a mask with the strippers after the game, she wrote.

The North American media reported that Haskins would have spent his time at a strip club.

According to ESPN, he later explained that he hired the women for a private event in the hotel suite.

Based on the pictures, he’s been at least in a nightclub.

Images have spread on social media where he is eating with a big group at the Seafood Restaurant in Washington.

Haskins ’actions have caused resentment, especially because he put his team at risk for coronavirus because he was in close contact with unmasked women and didn’t wear one himself.

According to the Washington Post, it is still unclear what punishment Haskins will receive for his joy.

According to the newspaper, his club has targeted unspecified disciplinary action against his player, but no kicks are allowed.

He may receive an additional sanction from the NFL, which has so far not commented on the case in public.

Haskins apologized for his behavior on Twitter on Tuesday and then made his sometime non-public.

Washington Football Club put his jersey on sale shortly after the stripper party was unveiled.

The quarterback was fined by his club in October for breaking interest rules.

The man then booked his family friend a hotel room from the same hotel the Washington team had stayed at.