Many F1 fans rejoiced when Sergio Perez, 30, who had a great season at Racing Point, was announced to replace Alex Albon as Red Bull’s second driver next season.

Throughout the season, Albon was clearly weaker than his brilliant teammate Max Verstappen, while Perez only got upset after hearing he lost his place at Racing Point, and drove awesome races at the end of the season - especially in Sakhir, where he was the first to arrive on the checkered flag.

However, long-distance F1 journalist Mark Hughes is quenching expectations for the 30-year-old Mexican.

He points out that when comparing the power ratios of F1 circus drivers, a lot depends on the point of view.

As an example, Hughes uses Valtteri Bota, once again overshadowed by Lewis Hamilton, on Mercedes.

- Valtteri Bottas' shares are not high when he once again became irresistibly knocked out by Lewis Hamilton.

He faces much of the fan frustration with the monotony of the series.

But if he imagines Bottas would have led Racing Point this season and Perez had been on Mercedes as Hamilton’s pair of bars, Bottas ’shares would be on the roof and in Perez’s bottom readings, Hughes spins.

And being a teammate of Verstappen is by no means easy.

Before Albon, Daniel Ricciardo and Pierre Gasly also had to state that their driving style was perfect for Verstappen, which was perfectly suited to Red Bull's difficult-to-manage vehicle.

Hughes doesn't think Perez is serious about challenging a Dutch superstar either - but for a reliable second rider like Bottas, the Mexican's help is enough.

- Perez's driving style is silky soft, not a pulsating electric like Verstappen's.

Can he do what Red Bull wanted from Albon on race days?


In that sense, he will become the Red Bull Bottas, Hughes writes.