Red Bull team F1 star Max Verstappen, 23, spent Friday night in style.

The Dutchman arrived at the Monaco Car Club in a tuxedo.

Verstappen was photographed outside the club next to a very fast-looking Honda sports car.

F1 driver fans immediately saw a resemblance to the legendary movie character: James Bond.

- Max Bond, joked one.

- The name is Verstappen, Max Verstappen, carved another.

After moving indoors, Verstappen kicked out the formula for one of the drivers ’third-place finals in the 2020 season.

At the same time, he gave a video interview to Geneva, from where the Fia’s annual awards gala was held in the distance.

Verstappen was, of course, asked about his future teammate, Sergio Perez of Mexico.

- One thing is for sure.

There’s a lot of Tequila in the stable next season, so that’s a good thing, Verstappen muttered.

Perez will replace Alexander Albon, who in turn will become Red Test’s test driver.

Last Sunday, Vertappen won the season finale in Abu Dhabi.