Star bodybuilder Chris Bumstead was asked in a video on the Generation Iron site if he “got a lot of women through bodybuilding”.

According to the site’s editor, many bodybuilders start training just with a companionship in mind.

- It's funny that people think they're training and then trying to get girls.

They want to grow a sixpack and the muscles they introduce.

Then they whine too much in the gym.

The workout goes too far and the person grows too big.

I can promise that most women don’t like bodybuilders, Bumstead told of her own experience.

- If you are too big and muscular, women will find it a little disgusting.

If you are slim, they will consider you too slim.

Bumstead, 25, says she knew women who consider her perfect outside of the race season when her body is fat.

- When I'm a week away from the presence of abdominal muscles and blood vessels trick on all sides, they find it disgusting, excessive.

I don't like that, they say.

So it’s funny that the thing you started doing to get women is driving them away, Bumstead said.

The Canadian Bumstead, which is 185 cents tall and weighs over a hundred pounds, won the Mr. Olympia Series Classic Physique series last year.

The major bodybuilding event will be held again next weekend in Las Vegas, and Bumstead is rightly on the attendance list.