France has arrested five more teenagers in the case surrounding the beheading of French teacher Samuel Paty.

They would have had telephone contact with the perpetrator and, like the perpetrator shot by the police, are of Chechen descent, according to insider sources to



The suspects are between 14 and 18 years old.

Fourteen people, including minors, have so far been charged in connection with the brutal murder of Paty.

47-year-old Paty was beheaded by an 18-year-old man of Chechen descent while walking home from school.

The perpetrator allegedly did this because the teacher showed cartoons of the Islamic prophet Mohammed during a lesson on freedom of expression.

The attacker was shot by the police officers.

The French police arrested several people after the murder, including family members of the perpetrator.

French President Emmanuel Macron and his government will discuss the fight against radical Islamic terrorism on Wednesday.

On the table is then a bill to "strengthen the principles of the republic".

With that law in hand, the Macron government wants to combat the radicalization of young people in particular, in some mosques, in schools and on the internet.