The Champions League match between PSG and Basaksehir was suspended as players from both teams walked off the field.

Things were going to get worse for the visitors. PSG's Presnel Kimpembe got himself booked for a foul.

Referee Ovidu Hategan will then go to a consultation with the fourth referee.

Shortly thereafter, the fourth referee apparently used the racist term of Istanbul Deputy Governor Pierre Webo.

Webo and Basaksehir head coach Okan Buruk and Senegalese striker Demba Ba reacted strongly to this.

- Why did you say “negro”?

Why did you say negro?

Webo audibly asks the judge over and over again.

Webo received a red card on the bench.

- When you talk about white, you don’t say “that white guy,” you say “that guy in that”.

Listen to me.

Why, when you talk about a black man, then you have to say “that black man”, Ban can hear you say during a match broadcast on the edge of the field.

The jury and the players of both teams discussed the situation at length on the edge of the field.

The Istanbul club decided to leave the field in protest.

PSG players later followed suit to the locker room.

The match continues around 11 p.m.