Lauttasaari Senior House told the public on Friday that “less than five” of its residents have died as a result of a coronavirus infection.

- I think three, says resident Henrik Wilenius, 84, of Yle's Couch Potato Club "Henkka".

He, too, is partly dependent on rumors.

Photo: Seppo Solmela / IS

- You can't ask nurses if someone is dead or in the hospital.

I guess it’s a law not to tell others things, but they’re pretty personal.

- It feels a little stupid, Henkka says, but he understands the situation.

The senior home is an ordinary rental house, not a care facility.

Residents are elderly people for whom care services are available.

Henkka has seen two memorial tables.

- It has been an old way for us and it seems to still be.

A candle and rose and a white card with the name, birthday and date of death of the departed person are brought to the table in the library and television room.

And a photo, if relatives have brought the picture.

Now there were no pictures, which is understandable due to quarantine restrictions.

Henkka knew no deceased.

- At least two of them had only lived here for a short time. Henkka is the heel of the senior house.

He will begin his 17th year in January.

Death has visited the neighborhood several times.

- In one year, 18 residents left.

That is quite a lot...

- If you think that I have lived here for 16 years, and a year would go off ten, so it is quite a big amount, you will die ...

Henkan's usually cheerful and brisk voice suffocates for a moment and becomes rough.

- Yes yes ... these these ... there is nothing for these ....

- It's awful when someone leaves who has known for a long time.

When the corona epidemic broke out in the Lauttasaari senior house a few weeks ago, there were 107 inhabitants and their average age was 87 years.

Four of the residents were known nationwide as Yle's Sofa Potato Club.

Henkka says Petra, the secretary of Couch Potato Photography, has just played.

- He asked if he was well.

I called the boys greetings.

The Sofa Potato Club included Henkka (left), Åke and Veka (Veikko Porola) .Photo: Yle

According to Henkka, Åke Hällfors and Eero Niemi, members of the Ukkiskerhola club, have been spared the interest.

Veikko “Veka” Porola, who initially had an asymptomatic coronary infection, spoke about his deteriorating condition when IS interviewed him on Thursday.

The senior home announced on Friday that “just over five” residents are still in the hospital.

A total of 31 residents have been diagnosed with the infection, of whom a “small number” were hospitalized.

Seven staff members were also infected.

“We present our deepest condolences to the relatives of our deceased residents and to the senior home community,” the senior home wrote in a press release.

- One of my quarantines here ends on Monday, but there have been no new instructions on what will come after that, I don't really think it will end yet, Henkka says.

- But now let's see what they came up with.

- This is about to get used to.

Henk spoke about the atmosphere in the corona quarantine a week ago on Saturday.