Veikko Porola, 78, a member of the highly popular Sofa Potatoes program “Ukkiskerho”, who lives in a senior house in Lauttasaari, Helsinki, is one of those infected with coronavirus in a senior house.

More than a week ago, Porola said in an interview with IS that she was asymptomatic despite the infection.

Now the situation has turned for the worse.

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Porola, who was reached by phone, says that the condition has deteriorated and symptoms have gradually started to appear.

- Now all kinds of symptoms have appeared, such as diarrhea, frostbite and other such side effects.

It's pretty miserable, Porola says.

Last week, it was reported that as many as 28 residents of a senior home in Lauttasaari, Helsinki, had been diagnosed with a coronavirus infection.

Seven people who cared for the residents of the house have also been infected.

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Porola is currently in quarantine with his wife, meaning they stay in their own apartment.

- You have to get ahead one day at a time.

I haven't been to the hospital yet, which is good news in that respect, but yes, it's pretty sore here anyway.

Fortunately, home care comes regularly to help.

Porola says that now his wife has also been diagnosed with a coronavirus infection.

- My wife's infection is still in its infancy, and not as strong as I have.

It is best hoped that it will not get worse either.

He must have gotten infected from me.

In her opinion, Porola is the only senior lord of Ukkiskerho with a coronavirus infection.

- I don't think anyone else has the infection.

I am the only Ukkiskerhosta ill.

Photo: Seppo Solmela

Porola does not have more detailed information on the general corona situation in the senior building.

- I can't say what the situation is in the house anyway.

I guess it might be a bit chaotic at times, but I guess it would have calmed down now, Porola thinks.

For Finns living in the middle of the corona, the senior gentleman has something to say.

- Yes, it is worth believing and following these instructions and regulations of the authorities.

This is such a miserable disease.

The sympathetic Ukkiskerho, which has become a favorite of spectators, is currently on a break from Couch Potatoes, as senior gentlemen are at risk and cannot be photographed in medical facilities during the corona.

The latest line-up for the Ukkiskerho includes Henrik "Henkka" Wilenius, Eero Niemi and Åke Hällfors.

A few new infections

Saija Toropainen, Executive Director of the Lauttasaari Retirement Home Foundation, says that quarantines continue among the residents of the Lauttasaari Senior Home.

- The epidemiological action center's infectious disease doctor has already lifted the statutory quarantine.

As a house, we are still in self-quarantine until December 7th.

According to Toropainen, symptom monitoring is performed daily.

- Every day, we carry out symptom monitoring by nursing professionals, because the mass tests performed on the residents did not immediately reveal the infection.

According to Toropainen, after the mass tests carried out on 19 and 21 November, there have been a few more coronavirus infections among the residents.

According to the CEO, most of those with coronary heart disease are still in Lauttasaari's senior home in the care of home care, night home care, home hospital and health center doctors.

Toropainen does not comment on the number of elderly people in hospital at this stage.

- However, it can be considered a positive thing that some of the patients who have been hospitalized are even allowed to return home to their senior home this week.

The Lauttasaari senior house is home to 107 elderly residents with an average age of 87 years.

Toropainen says that the situation in the senior house will be announced more later this week.

Lauttasaari senior house in November 2020. Photo: Seppo Solmela