One of the surprises of the Ruka World Cup weekend was Tatiana Sorina of Russia (al. Aleshina).

The 26-year-old is used to seeing World Cup races in the middle caste.

Last season she was pregnant and out of competitions.

Kuusamo was seen as a reborn skier.

Sorina finished second in the chase.

It was the first podium finish of his Russian career in the World Cup.

Sorina's coach, Markus Cramer from Germany, praised his protector as being a completely new person after the birth of his daughter.

Sorina gave birth last March.

However, the idea of ​​a “maternity boost” did not convince everyone.

Ludvig Holmberg, editor of the Swedish newspaper Expressen, does not run in his column.

It is titled, “The question that hangs in the air: is he doupuped?”.

Tatjana Sorina (left) celebrated with Therese Johaug and Ebba Andersson at Ruka. Image: MAGAZINE

Holmberg wrote in his column that doping control is almost unarmed against blood doping, for example, and says many were skeptical when Sorina was at a brisk pace in Ruka and left big names behind.

Only Therese Johaug was faster.

Holmberg is also updating Sorina's strong earnings trend.

Norwegian Dagbladet took it upon himself to find out what the Russian ski management thinks about the supplier's suspicions.

Is the skier just a victim of Russia's bad doping reputation?

- I do not comment on articles written by an idiot.

Not especially when they are published in the yellow press, the frustrated-looking President of the Russian Ski Association, Jelena Välbe, roared.

Sorina’s husband, Russian coach Yegor Sorin, gave back on Instagram.

- Ludvig, are you completely unprofessional or just an idiot?

Thank you for giving us a decent laugh.

We don’t know what exactly you’re smoking, but it has to be strong.

You are welcome to Siberia to follow how we live and practice.

According to Sorin, the couple’s “doping” is a newcomer to the family.

Holmberg did not want to comment on the matter to Dagbladet.