Marco Kroon explained to the court of appeal in Arnhem on Thursday how hard it is for him to be convicted of committing violations after a wild urination incident during carnival in Den Bosch last year.

"I am now known as a

sex offender,

" said the major with a Military William Order.

Kroon is on trial for urinating in public, head-butting a cop and violation of honor by showing his naked genitals.

Kroon started the session at the court by reading a personal statement.

He had put that on paper because he is "emotionally up to his tax".

"I think I have been wrongly convicted of assault and violation," said Kroon, who regrets that it turned out this way.

"I deeply regret the incident and the aftermath."

Kroon believes that he should partly put his hand in his own bosom.

He has a bladder problem.

"I was certainly not an example. I certainly blame myself for things. I may never have left home, but I'm just human. With black humor. And I also make mistakes."

'I will not leave the house because I am completely ashamed'

According to Kroon, his reputation within Defense has been forever damaged.

After the conviction in the first instance, he was temporarily suspended and reported in his personnel file.

He was previously given a community service order by the military chamber in Arnhem.

The judges saw ample evidence that he had headbutted, something Kroon himself denies.

The fact that he is known as a pencil peddler hurts him.

"I am now classified as a

sex offender

. I have broken a code. A sex offense is the lowest thing there is in military circles. I cannot accept this. I'm so ashamed. "

Kroon has taken the frog suit he wore during carnival to court.

He wants to show that it is not possible that the officer could see his genitals.