Icelandic comedian Ari Eldjárn’s new stand up show recently appeared on the streaming service Netflix.

Eldjárn is one of the most popular comedy stars in his country, and also the only Icelandic comedian to make it to Netflix.

The performance is called Pardon My Icelandic, and the Icelandic comedian also jokes about Finns and Finnish specialties in his performance.

Eldjárn amuses the audience by claiming that Finns can't show their feelings.

- Icelanders are a bit like Finns, but Finns take things much further.

They show their feelings in a completely different way - that is, not at all, Eldjárn throws, making the audience laugh.

You can watch the sketch in the video below.

Eldjárn says that he has a Finnish comedian friend with whom he performed two years ago.

According to Eldjárn, the Finnish comedian's flight was six hours late, so his plane landed when the show had to start.

Eldjárn was in distress and he didn’t know if his friend would even have time to perform for the second half of the show.

He does not mention which Finnish stand up comedian it is.

- I panicked and called him.

I finally got through and asked him if you were okay and had time to arrive, Eldjárn describes, showing anxiety.

Eldjárn imitates the Finnish comedian's voice and recites his remarks very evenly and monotonously.

- Hi, I paid a taxi driver 100 euros, and he drives 190 kilometers an hour.

He has driven through three roundabouts, hit almost two pedestrians and maybe one sheep.

This is nerve-wracking.

- What, are you nervous?

- Yes, don't you notice how excited I am.

This is what I sound like when I get a panic attack, Eldjárn continued in an evenly thick voice.

The audience howls with laughter at the imitation of Eldjárn.

- There was no difference in his voice!

Eldjárn marvels, laughing at the audience.

The Finnish language is very different from other Nordic languages.

Eldjárn highlights the traditional phrase I love you, which sounds very different in Finnish than in other languages.

- In Icelandic it is ég elska þig, in Danish jeg elsker dig, in Swedish jag älskär dig and in Norwegian jeg elsker deg.

The Finns say I love you.

It doesn’t sound any the same as it does in other languages.

Others think it sounds more like paying the money by Wednesday, Eldjárn jokes in a roaring voice.

Ari Eldjárn, 39, was born in Reykjavik and has been making comedies for more than ten years.

He has written TV shows in his home country and has also appeared in the British program Mock the Week.

The Guardian recently praised the man as Iceland’s most popular comedian.