George Russell is the replacement for Lewis Hamilton, who suffered from the coronavirus at the Sakhir Grand Prix.

Jack Aitken jumps into Williams' sticks to replace Russell.

Stoffel Vandoorne is a Mercedes deputy driver and many, including this author, initially assumed he would be the most likely candidate for Hamilton’s boots.

However, the decision makes sense: Russell and Aitken are both already in Bahrain.

So far, four drivers have been seen as poor drivers: Michael Schumacher, Nico Rosberg, Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas.

At long last, a silver arrow driver sits down in the cockpit, which is invested in money through the junior program.

And not just any driver, but the diamond of the driver’s program that did the hard trick 2017-18: first the GP3 series and immediately after the F2 championship.

In the long run, the solution makes more sense from Mersu’s point of view than thinking of Vandoorne, because Russell may have a future as its race driver, the Belgian may not.

Mature, from a teenage age e.g.

Russell, who has taken physical training very seriously, has also started his career on record with a terrible tube: 36 times in a row faster than a teammate in time.

Tough performance, even though Robert Kubica and Nicholas Latifi, who saw their best days, aren’t Class A dipsticks.

Williams' only loser is the loser, as with Latif and Aitken he will be last in the World Championships and without points.

With Russell's abilities, it could have succeeded with good luck.

Even after all the annealing of Russell, it is worth remembering, of course, that the British have not yet scored a single point in their F1 careers.

The biggest reason, of course, is the bad stock, but on the other hand, when the points would have been a chance, Russell has chased himself.

Kubica lost to his teammate last year in almost every race, but in the German chaos race the Englishman made a small mistake, drove wide and at the same time donated 10th place to his teammate.

This fall in Imola, Russell spun from points to wall while driving behind a safety car, in Mugello he lost his position after the safety car at the time of the race.

In his Mercedes debut, Russell only has something to win anyway: the first points of his career come without mistakes, the prize position should be in the fork and why winning is not possible where Max Verstappen took first place in his first race at Red Bull 2016. McLaren Vandoorne Button.

Bottas and Russell have just not competed against each other in the F1 series.

This weekend it will change. Image: Clive Mason / Magazine / AFP

Conversely, Valtteri Bottas, 31, is largely destructive in this situation.

Bottas redeemed a one-year extension contract earlier this year, but his performances have not been dazzling recently.

There have also been unfortunate coincidences, but not everything can be put on the spike of misfortune.

Russell was his very threatening for next season, and if the British now manage to be at the Bottas level or even win, the criticism and questioning of the Finn will only increase.

Speculation about the stable seats in 2022 would intensify already now, and the media’s strongly British-focused media would drum its gold boys two times harder.

If Bottas wins, “that’s how it should have happened,” because he’s the standard driver for the stable and Russell comes in part to a new environment for himself.

Russell has a real chance to rock the balance.

His advantage, too, is that Bahrain’s second race will be run on a completely exceptional, all-new but very simple track version with a short lap.

The track has three long straights and only 11 bends.

It is already clear that the setup of the race is one of the most interesting of the whole season.

Who would have believed after the championship was already decided in Turkey?

Bottas, which is e.g.

clearly beat his previous teammate Felipe Massa, with whom, for example, Kimi Räikkönen was in trouble, he must now be able to underline his own status as the top driver for everyone.

Now you have to beat Russell, happy to make a clear difference - and win the race.