In Britain, a controversy erupted on Monday over whether or not Scottish eggs are a hearty meal.

Underlying the particular issue is the lifting of the strictest corona restrictions in London.

In Scottish eggs, a boiled egg is hidden inside the minced meat batter.

In the future, pubs can serve alcohol if, in addition to a drink, there would be a “food meal” on the table to enjoy.

Selling alcohol with a non-food meal is prohibited and violating the rule may result in a fine.

An egg cooked in Scottish eggs is inside the meat batter. Photo: Coby Burns / / mvphotos

Currently, in London and other localities on the third level of the three-point scale, restaurants have only been allowed to sell food out, with society largely closed to prevent coronavirus infections.

Scottish eggs were included in the discussion when Environment Minister George Eustice said in an interview with LBC on Monday that Scottish eggs would be “counted as a food meal if served at a table” and thus could be sold with alcohol in pubs.

Environment Minister George Eustice considered Scottish eggs a meal. Photo: HENRY NICHOLLS / Reuters

However, Eustice’s colleague in the cabinet, Michael Gove, said Tuesday morning that he thought Scottish eggs were an appetizer.

“A couple of Scottish eggs is an appetizer for me, but I admit that there is ... and pickles next to it ... that there is a well-understood perception of what a food meal is like,” Gove said in an interview with LBC, according to the Daily Mail.

According to Gove, the law has already dealt with “food meals,” as 16- and 17-year-olds are allowed by law to drink alcohol in a pub if it is drunk with a food meal.

Less than an hour later, Gove reiterated his view on the Good Morning Britain program, saying Scottish eggs were probably a starter.

At 9.25, however, Gove seemed to have reached the same conclusion as Eustice.

- Scottish eggs are a hearty meal, Gove said in an interview with ITV News.

Govelle was pointed out that many considered Scottish eggs to be more of a snack food.

- Personally, I could indeed eat a couple of Scottish eggs if I have the chance, but I recognize it as a nutritious meal.

Michael Gove initially said he considered Scottish eggs a starter.

However, he later stated that it was a food meal. Photo: Daniel Leal-Olivas / AFP / Lehtikuva

A spokesman for Prime Minister Boris Johnson declined to comment on how to define a “food meal”.

- We have been clear: bar people are not counted as a food meal.

But this is a clear principle known in the service sector.

However, the British government has been criticized for not giving a precise definition of a meal.

Currently, that meal is classified as food that could be served for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

For example, a pub in Essex released a new pair of pound menu so customers could come enjoy a drink without having to buy an expensive meal.

The menu is named the Boris menu and states that it is “food meals, though not all of the finest dishes”.

- Every time new regulations are introduced, there is a lot of cost and time spent on pubs that comply with them.

- This frustration gave impetus to this menu idea as well as serving customers who may not want a big and expensive meal every time they visit us.