The board of Forum for Democracy (FVD) says it wants to organize a binding referendum for the members on the future of Thierry Baudet.

The central question is whether he may stay on as party leader or not, the party reports on Twitter on Sunday.

The party says it will make preparations in the coming days to allow the referendum to take place "orderly" and "fair", without stating a specific date.

The FVD board adds that it regrets the course of events.

"We see a binding referendum (..) as the only right step forward. Also in line with the philosophy and ideas of FVD."

The board also wants to hold a general members meeting as soon as possible.

There, the future of the party will be discussed, depending on the outcome of the referendum.

On Friday it was announced that Baudet had been deregistered by the board at the Chamber of Commerce.

The former party chairman spoke of a "coup".

The board now consists of treasurer Olaf Ephraïm, who has remained on Baudet's side, on the one hand, and party chairman Lennart van der Linden and board member Rob Rooken, on the other, who think he should leave.

Due to the disagreement that has arisen, it is not clear which camp organized the referendum. asked FVD for a response on Sunday evening.

It is uncertain how binding the referendum result really is.

Political scientist Tom Louwerse points out that this referendum is an instrument that does not exist at all in the statutes (the party rules) and in the internal regulations of FVD.

And 'party leader' is also not an official position, Louwerse said on Twitter.

Baudet also wanted members to be consulted

Earlier, Baudet also announced that he wanted to place the choice with the FVD members and that he wanted to organize an "internet consultation" by "a few handy guys within Forum", writes

Het Parool


However, there would be doubts among the board about the reliability and transparency of such a vote, but organization by an external party may take too long for Baudet.

Parties have until December 21 to register for the March elections.

In a deliberation after that date, Baudet would be too late to possibly register a new party.


Baudet still returns: 'Attempt to commit character murder'

FVD celebrities leave the party

The quarrel within Forum for Democracy broke out over a week ago after reports from

Het Parool

, which showed that anti-Semitic and racist messages are still being spread by members of the party's youth department.

After the announced relinquishment of the party leader at the beginning of this week, Baudet saw his party continue to collapse.

More and more prominent party members and representatives in the senate and the Provincial Council turned away from Baudet, because he would not condemn Nazism, the extreme right and racism in the party harshly enough.

Among others, well-known FVD'ers such as Member of Parliament Theo Hiddema and senator Paul Cliteur left the party.

Several candidate MPs also gave up their membership, including Nicki Pouw-Verweij, Joost Eerdmans and Eva Vlaardingerbroek.

On Sunday evening, the FVD faction in the province of Utrecht also announced that it would continue as an independent faction.

According to the faction, the national developments at the party stand in the way of activities in the Provincial Council.

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