At the moment, practically nothing is happening on the weather maps, meteorologists say.

Meteorologist Anniina Valtonen of the Finnish Meteorological Institute was amused by the weather maps of the weekend to the extent that she joked about the topic on her Twitter account on Friday.

- I promise I tried to make them different, Valtonen writes with laughing emojis.

Valtonen states in the comments of his tweet chain that temperature fluctuations are one of the most difficult things to predict.

- That variation, because there is a Plus and because of the frost, is one of the most difficult to predict and one of the most important data for many industries, Valtonen says.

Fora's on-call meteorologist Juha Föhr is on the same lines as Valtonen.

The weather in Finland has indeed come to a standstill.

- Not really much is happening right here right now - it makes me happy to say that there's really a lot,

According to Föhr, southern and eastern Finland in particular are almost entirely covered by a gray cloud layer.

In the west and north, however, there are quite clear areas.

The whole of Finland is under extensive high pressure from northern Russia to southern Sweden, so rainfall will be very low throughout the country.

On Sunday, snow showers may occur in the Helsinki and Uusimaa areas.

- Snow gusts can come from the Gulf of Finland with the east wind.

They may drift to this coast of the Gulf of Finland.

Otherwise, the potential for rainfall is very low, Föhr says.

- Deaf people could drift on the coast, on that Helsinki-Hanko axis, but it is quite dawn whether it is snow, sleet or water, says the meteorologist on duty at the Finnish Meteorological Institute Iiris Viljamaa.

From the beginning of the week, rains become more common.

On Monday, local snow and sleet will spread from the southeast to the southern and central parts of the country.

According to Föhr, the probability of sleet is high in the Helsinki metropolitan area during Monday.

On Tuesday, the airflow from the south will intensify in much of the country, with scattered rains coming from the west across the country.

- To the south as water and roughly from the height of Tampere to the north as snow.

There are quite a few rainstorms, a couple of cents of snow could accumulate in places.

This coming week looks very light, Viljamaa says.

On Tuesday night, the weather will start to rain again from the west.

According to Föhr, the frost will temporarily intensify in Lapland on the night between Tuesday and Wednesday.

This is caused by a drier northwest wind than before, which differs from the weather conditions in the rest of the country.

Temperatures remain close to zero throughout the five-day observation period.

The warmest day is Tuesday, when the temperature in southern Finland is on the plus side by a few degrees.

No major changes in temperature occur.