A whole new side has emerged from comedian Chris Rock this fall.

In the fourth season of the light crime drama series Fargo (HBO Nordic), he plays the gangster boss who makes a ceasefire in 1950s Kansas with a rival criminal group.

A tense truce price is hard: panteiksi bosses set their own son, who is transferred to the counterparty to be raised.

The idea is that as long as your own offspring are in the enemy’s camp, fragile peace will be maintained.

Fargo’s new fourth season, ending next Monday, has so far been a handsome drama: it’s more of a story of fathers and power than of actual crimes - although the cracking ceasefire doesn’t completely stop them.

In addition, the season drafted by Noah Hawley has dealt with prejudice and racism.

Chris Rock at the Oscars in February 2020. Photo: AMPAS / Zuma / MVphotos

Gone are the fast-paced jogging that Chris Rock, who once struggled with from the sketch entertainment series Saturday Night Live, specializes in in his comedies.

In the nonsense, he has also been seen on stage at the Oscars.

The mouthpiece is replaced by a calm presence and empathic leadership.

While one’s own power must be protected at a hefty price when necessary, Loy Cannon, presented by Chris Rock, strives to do so as humanely and fairly as possible.

The end result is impressive.

- This is the best role I've ever done, and - let us be frank - probably the best role that I have never, Rock already evaluated in the spring of Entertainment Weekly, and he was not wrong.

- This is the best role I've ever done, and - let us be frank - probably the best role, that I never have, the actress herself has assessed its role in Fargo series gangsteripomona.Kuva: Matthias Clamer / FX / HBO Nordic

Basically, Rock is the wrong choice for its role - but that’s why it’s so right.

The mouth comedian is able to surprise when he throws himself seriously.

On a more general level, Fargo reminds us that comedians are needless to be underestimated as actors, even though they are often branded “just” as light entertainers.

On the contrary: making the viewer laugh may require a lot more work from the actor than making the viewer sad.

Fargo’s fourth season proves that Chris Rock is capable of both.

The fourth season of the Fargo series, which dates back to the 1950s, deals with, among other things, father-son relations, the use of power and racism. Photo: Matthias Clamer / FX / HBO Nordic

Fargo, the last episode of the fourth season on Monday 30.11.

HBO Nordic.