What the heck is OnlyFans?

The site, which has become a major topic of discussion on forums, is still a great mystery to most.

Only adult users can access this social media site.

With OnlyFans, anyone can share the content they want, such as pictures and videos, and set a monthly price to watch the content.

OnlyFans is especially known as an adult entertainment site, as users typically post nude photos and videos or other erotic content.

Finnish celebrities have also registered for the service, which has become a phenomenon.

One of them is Erika Helin, who participated in the Miss Finland competition 2018.

- I am proud that I get to be at the forefront of a new phenomenon, and to speak now in favor of it, Heli says.

Erika Helin enjoys her job as a OnlyFans content producer. Photo: LASSI RINNE / IS

Helin, 26, originally went public in 2015 when she participated in the Paradise Hotel reality TV show.

In the Miss Finland competition held three years later, she was left out of the prize places, but the year still left her papers as a media technology engineer and a job in the IT industry.

Since then, major changes have followed one another, at an accelerating pace.

Helin got to pose for the Portuguese magazine Playboy and moved to Malta in the fall.

Two months ago, he left his day job and started employing himself as a ContentFans content producer.

The idea to register on the site arose when Helin received an email from his successor who said he had come across a user who traded his images on Instagram.

- My friend and I laughed at the idea of ​​someone making money from my pictures.

The thing we were joking about in the spring turned in a completely different direction.

That I could get a little side business for myself from this, Helin says.

The service is K18.Image: OnlyFans / screenshot

Helin started publishing images with an erotic download in the OnlyFans account.

Her images consist of lingerie and bikini photos taken by professional photographers, among others.

Helin shares both topless images and full nudes, but for the latter he has a clear alignment.

- The genital areas are always covered with, for example, posture or shadow.

I would describe my style as sexy but stylish, Helin explains.

Helin was able to leave her day job as her popularity grew rapidly.

Somemall's monthly account fee is less than 30 euros, but he does not disclose the number of subscribers.

Earnings are reportedly “thousands of euros a month”.

- OnlyFans-tuloillani I bought a car, among other things, he reveals.

"I think it's a great service"

While OnlyFans typically sells revealing images, it’s not just about adult entertainment.

On the site, for example, fitness professionals share recipes and workout programs, while many artists, such as Chris Brown and Cardi B, use it as their fan account.

Founded in the UK in 2016, OnlyFans is an example of a platform economy, meaning secretion provides a platform where individuals can sell a variety of products or services.

The OnlyFans site charges 20 percent of customer fees, with the rest left to the content provider.

The OnlyFans site has set a minimum monthly price of about $ 5, or just over $ 4, and an upper limit of $ 49.99 (about $ 42).

Fans following the site can give the user a tip of at least $ 5.

Currently, the site has 660,000 content providers and about 50 million users worldwide.

The service is also popular in Finland.

The spring quarantine life was reflected in an increase in traffic to porn sites, as was the case with OnlyFans.

The number of OF accounts increased by as much as 42 percent from March to July.

One of the biggest differences between a site and a porn site is the interaction between content providers and the public.

Users actively communicate with models and express their wishes in private messages.

- I understand people's image of a porn site because it's also available, but I don't think I'm doing adult entertainment myself, Helin sees.

- In reality, therefore, critical areas are often covered in my pictures.

It is frustrating that people will still experience sexiness and nudity in the 2020s as a taboo.

I think it’s an awesome service that allows me to pay for myself and my photographers.

Erika Helin also launched her own wall calendar in the autumn. Photo: Joonas Salo / IS

According to Helin, his own family and close associates are open-minded about his work.

He says he receives requests from side to side in private messages, but he does not agree with everything.

- I don't want to talk lewd with my customers or send pictures with nothing covered, Helin emphasizes.

- The saddest thing has been when a man once asked me for my home address so he could come look at me from behind the window.

It made me think about my safety, which is why I no longer share my location information with Some.

"It felt bad and distressing"

Helin publishes at least one picture every day.

Once a month, he organizes a filming day.

While the sommelier praises the site’s offering, she admits to experiencing conflicting feelings about her work.

- Producing content is also tedious and stressful.

Planning shooting days takes a lot of time, and work is always present in my life.

This certainly applies to the daily lives of all entrepreneurs, Helin says.

OnlyFans the shadow side of the phenomenon he got to experience recently when his account their images were leaked to the forum.

- It felt bad and distressing.

Yes, I have prepared for each picture to the fact that they can leak, but sharing images toll was very offensive to my work.

Helin says that he also has everyday conversations with his subscribers.

Helin describes her content as more personal than in her other soma channels.

- I do not feel that I am selling nudity, but the product is a connection to my subscribers.

I am unable to access my customers.

They are just ordinary sensible people, Helin says.

Sara eats in her underwear

Daytime Sara, 32, set up an OnlyFans account a month ago.

Sara, who has been dancing in the Lamourettes dance group for more than ten years, saw the service as an additional way to communicate.

- I have always enjoyed the presence, but the dance, whereas less OnlyFans seemed natural alternative, a graduate of the service provider for Sara says.

Sara Soininen says that she is actively marketing her OnlyFans account in her other channel channels.

He also collaborates with his roommate, who acts as a content producer OnlyFans. Photo: Jukka Björn

The monthly price of Sara's account is EUR 10.90.

His purpose is to pay off the student income with a site loan.

- I started by making videos where I eat in my underwear, but at the moment I do a striptease video once a week, and during the week I always post pictures according to a certain theme, he says.

Sara also has precise limits to its content.

- Add content that feels good and doesn't have to be ashamed afterwards.

I make bold and revealing pictures and videos within the limits of good taste.

It has worked really well because then there is room for the imagination, Sara, who runs the site under the brand name Diosa Sara, describes.

- I also want to be easily approachable.

I also highlight my character, and many find it fascinating.

Sara started by making videos where she eats sexy dressed.Photo: Sara's home album

Sara admits that at first she feared how her side work would be treated in close circle.

- I got messages from acquaintances that I'm fine.

It’s more acceptable to add a lingerie picture to Instagram, but if you ask for money for it, it’s seen as immoral for some reason, he questions.

- In the end, I decided not to care about the opinions of others.

There is nothing shameful about content production, on the contrary.

Sara also talked about her OnlyFans account at her workplace, where she was treated with encouragement.

- If I can earn money by appearance and at the same time improve my quality of life, I don't think it's a bad thing.

Sara justifies.

Sara graduated from the University of Applied Sciences. Photo: Jukka Björn

Researcher: More ethical porn

OnlyFans also employs a lot of sex workers - from long-line porn models to webcam performers as well as amateur models.

During the Corona period, many sex workers lost their jobs, and soon after, some of them moved to the site to employ themselves.

The New York Times has described OnlyFans as “a website that changed sex work forever”.

It is considered a more ethical way to produce adult entertainment.

The ethics is also signed by Susanna Paasonen, a professor of media research who has studied porn for more than 20 years.

He raises copyright issues with porn sites.

- Many porn sites offer free content because it is pirated, and therefore problematic from a copyright point of view, Paasonen says.

- In addition, the production company takes a big slice from the makers of commercially produced adult entertainment.

On sites like OnlyFans, the situation is different, meaning that authors can set their own content and prices.

Image: True Images / Alamy / Alamy / MVPhotos

Traditional porn has been replaced by a new kind of demand, which also explains the popularity of the site.

- Porn is typically associated with vagueness when it is not known where the video comes from, who appears in the video, and whether he is aware of the release.

OnlyFans creates a personal relationship between the subscriber and the content provider, Paasonen emphasizes.

According to the researcher, the motives for content production, such as the publication of nude images, are quite diverse.

- Others want to be seen and enjoy the interaction and positive conversation around their images.

For some, OnlyFans simply appears to be earning money, Paasonen explains.

There are several sites like OnlyFans, including U.S. Patreon.

In the United States, FOSTA / SESTA legislation was introduced in 2018 to prevent human trafficking on the Internet.

Paasonen explains that the purpose of the law is especially to prevent commercial sex, which is why Patreon, for example, completely removed porn from his site.

- American platforms decreased, when the British OnlyFans became the market leader, Paasonen says.

The publicity received by the site has also peaked over the past year.

In April, Beyoncé caused a spike on the site when he referred to it in the lyrics of the song, Complex said.

Several world stars have registered for the site.Image: OnlyFans / screenshot

Pictures of minors on the site

There is no problem with the OnlyFans site.

The service is identified with an identity card and self-portrait, but the BBC Three Nudes4Sale document revealed that the service also has a wealth of nude pictures of minors.

The 17-year-old “Hannah” interviewed by the BBC has been selling her pictures since she was 16 years old.

The closure of the account following the disclosure did not prevent this either, but the performer created a new account in OnlyFans.

Researcher Paasonen states that it is challenging to eradicate the content production of minors.

He emphasizes that the problem is not young users, but minor content providers.

- In this case, the site is guilty of distributing child pornography, which is already legally and generally more serious for the platform than for a young person to watch porn or nude pictures on the site, Paasonen points out.

From the perspective of adult content producers, the most significant problems are related to image leakage, piracy, and general contempt.

- Modern some culture is largely built on sharing sexy images, even if bare nipples are not presented.

The problem is the author's vulnerability and privacy - in other words, how to keep the screen-I separate from his own personality, Paasonen ponders.