Consumers' expectations of the economy recovered somewhat in November, according to Statistics Finland.

However, consumers' view of Finland's economic development was still gloomy.

The indicator was -4.8 in November, compared to -6.9 in October and -5.9 in September.

Of the four components of the confidence indicator, expectations of the domestic and Finnish economies improved slightly in November compared with October.

Instead, the view of the current state of one's own economy weakened.

Consumers' expectations of the development of the general unemployment situation in Finland clearly improved in November, but were still at a poor level.

The same is true of the assessment of the threat of personal unemployment or layoffs.

Instead, consumers still rate their own financial situation as excellent.

The timing was no longer considered very favorable for saving or buying durable goods and especially borrowing.

However, many were about to take out a loan.

Consumers also still had plenty of plans to buy a home.

In addition, many considered renovating their home and buying a car.

Signs of economic strengthening are not strengthening

Business confidence in the economy has remained weak, says the Confederation of Finnish Industries.

In November, the horizontal flight continued and the signs of economic recovery are not strengthening, on the contrary.

The problems in the economy are now wider than in the spring, because in addition to services, construction and industry are now also in trouble.

Confidence among industrial companies rose by one notch in November, but the indicator is still weak.

Confidence in construction companies remained stable in November.

The confidence indicator for service companies also remained unchanged, but remained weak.

Retail confidence improved slightly.