The Helsinki District Court recently convicted five people of a violent series of events in the autumn of 2017 in which the victim and his girlfriend were charged with drug debt by humiliating means.

Iltalehti reported on the convictions earlier.

The violence was due to a failed drug purchase.

The victim had planned to buy drugs together with a man born in 1981, and the duo had amassed a collection of drugs.

However, the money had eventually been left to the victim.

In order to collect the money, the victim was attracted to an apartment building in northeastern Helsinki.

The violence began already in the stairwell: the victim was beaten, kicked and threatened with an ax hidden by an acquaintance in a guitar bag he was carrying.

The victim was then taken to an apartment in another district.

The trip had passed through a mall where the victim had tried to get help from the R-kiosk, but had been dragged out of the kiosk and punched in the face.

According to the victim, bystanders saw the situation, but no one reacted to it in any way.

Violence continued in the apartment.

The victim's belongings were plucked and clothes and a Kela card were taken from him, among other things.

According to the victim, he had been left with a maximum of EUR 100-200 in drug cases, but now he was charged a much higher amount, up to EUR 1,000-2,000.

The apartment also had the victim's girlfriend, and attempts were made to recover the debt from him as well.

As the victim lay on the floor of the living room, a woman in her forties pulled her pants down and pushed a bottle of soda into her anus.

Someone held on to the victim at the same time and the heirs of the drug debt laughed around.

At this point, the victim began to pretend to have an illness and said he would not get a breath.

It apparently frightened the debtors.

- You have to get this out, one of those in the apartment had said.

The victim was taken out of the apartment and left in the yard, from where he was finally able to call for help.

The victim found the incident so shameful and humiliating that he did not even dare to tell the doctor at first.

In addition, a rumor had begun to circulate in the circle of acquaintances that the act had been videotaped.

Defendants in court downplayed the amount of violence.

An acquaintance carrying an ax in a guitar bag said he had given the victim “taps and knocks” that had become “a few bruises”.

The doctor's statement told another.

There were bruises all over his body, a wound a few inches from his head and traces of strangulation around his neck.

Born in 1981, Teemu Tapani Kummunmäki was thus found guilty of two robberies and two imprisonments.

He was sentenced to 2 years and 10 months in absolute prison.

The defense questioned whether pushing the bottle into the anus would be a rape offense.

According to the defense, it was not a sexual act but so-called “pure violence”.

The district court held that it was an act of violation of sexual sovereignty and a particularly humiliating act committed while watching the victim's social partner and other persons.

It was a gross rape.

Born in 1979, Nina Patricia Lindholm was sentenced to 3 years and 2 months in prison for aggravated robbery, robbery and deprivation of liberty in addition to aggravated rape.

The third to receive an absolute sentence of more than two years was Pinja Katariina Lukkarinen, born in 1992, who was sentenced to 2 years and 7 months in prison for two robberies and two imprisonments.

The district court considered his contribution to the deeds to be significant.

Two of the convicts survived with less than two years in prison.

A man born in 1970 was sentenced to one and a half years in prison for deprivation of liberty and robbery, and a woman born in 1981 to 1 year and 4 months in prison for robbery and deprivation of liberty.

Because of the woman’s previous crimes, imprisonment was imposed absolutely.