There seems to be no limit to human rudeness.

Respecting the deceased would seem to be a matter of course for everyone - especially those working with the deceased.

However, the discretion of Diego Molina, an employee of the Argentine funeral home, betrayed the worst of the lives of football legend Diego Maradona.

Molina was one of the workers preparing for the presentation of Maradona's body, which died on Wednesday, at the presidential palace in Buenos Aires.

Maradona's coffin was first on display at the Presidential Palace at a private ceremony where his loved ones went to say goodbye to their loved one.

Later, the so-called ordinary citizens were also released to the coffin.

Thousands of Argentines have visited their heroes for the last time.

The players of the Argentine national football team fell silent by the coffin of Diego Maradona.Photo: Argentinian Presidency / AFP / Lehtikuva

Molina, who works at the funeral home, noticed at some point, apparently even before the guests arrived, that her opportunity had come and took a picture of herself by the open coffin.

In a picture taken by another employee, Molina shows a thumb to the camera, and the man’s other hand is on the forehead of a dead Maradona.

The owners of a funeral home called Sepelios Pinier later said Molina has been fired.

The funeral home has called the Maradona family and apologized for the employee’s use.

Football fans aren’t content with this little: many have presented Molina with death threats.

- Diego Molina is the outrage that took a picture next to Diego Maradona's coffin.

For the sake of my friend’s memory, I’m not going to rest until he pays for this disgrace, writes lawyer Matías Morla on Twitter.

Maradona’s open coffin also attracted other hoe guests to immortalize themselves in less honorable characters.

Claudio Fernández and Ismael Fernández, apparently father and son, also described themselves by the open coffin.

This image, too, has already spread at a rapid pace on social media.

The Maradona Mourning Festival was celebrated in Buenos Aires on Thursday.

The streets of the city were troubled when citizens and riot police clashed.

  • Watch the moods for Diego Maradona’s mourning party in the video below