In 2018, Skyler Badillo got the training place of his dreams.

A young U.S. woman who studied physics coaching as well as health care focused on sports injury treatment and sports physiotherapy, she became an intern on the medical team of New York City FC, which played in the MLS League.

He was 20 at the time, and an internship was required to complete his college degree.

Badillo worked under Kevin Christen, who leads NYCFC’s medical team, and Melvy Pamplona, ​​who trains trainees.

Training became a nightmare.

In July, Badillo, who appeared on social media under the pseudonym Skyler B., wrote on Twitter that he had been sexually harassed at his internship in New York City FC.

- I thought I would get the opportunity of my life through my internship.

But I did get David Villa, who touched me every fucking day.

It was great humor material from my bosses, Badillo wrote at the time.

The tweets made a big fuss.

Spanish striker David Villa, who has had a long career in major European clubs such as FC Barcelona and Valencia, was the team’s biggest star, the player in the Spanish shirt winning the world championship.

He denied all allegations.

The club, for its part, made a statement.

In a press release, it acknowledged that harassment had taken place and promised to change its work atmosphere.

David Villa, who has already left the club, was not named by NYCFC in its release.

Skyler Badillo, who served as an intern for New York City FC from May 2018 to October 2019, has now opened up to what he experienced with his own name and face.

In a recent article in the prestigious sports media, The Athletic (the story behind the wall of payments), he details the sexual harassment he experienced and NYCFC’s harassing work culture.

He said he was used to working in a male-dominated field and in sports.

So he knew how to expect jokes and even humorous humor.

Very soon, however, it became clear that the boundaries were being crossed at that internship - and not just for David Villa.

According to Badillo, he very soon became the target of sexist jokes and sexual harassment by his superiors Kevin Christen and Melvy Pamplona.

Among other things, Badillo heard from other trainees that the duo had bet on which of them would have sex with him first.

According to The Athletic, Pamplona refused to be interviewed.

Christen did not respond to the interview request.

David Villa, for his part, denied, through his agent, the allegations made by Badillo in the article.

“He (Villa) got up, walked behind me, put his hand on my hips, pushed me against the level and whispered in my ear that I“ should be careful with men, ”Badillo recalled one incident.

According to Badillo, his superiors knew about David Villa’s inappropriate behavior.

Many times they were there as the player approached and touched Badillo.

Sexual harassment was even so common that it became a common topic of joke within the club.

According to Badillo, Christen and Pamplona often joked that he would still sue Villa.

“Kevin told me that when I sued David, he would be my witness,” Badillo said.

David Villa has denied allegations of sexual harassment by Skyler Badillo.Photo: USA Today Sports

According to Badillo, the harassment of Villa was a constant, both verbal and physical rapprochement.

Among other things, the player constantly said that he loved Badillo.

At the same time, the woman sometimes had to be in close contact with the player because of her job, for example, taking care of her calves.

“It’s by no means very fun when someone is sexually harassed,” Badillo told The Athletic.

The Athletic says in its article that it has received confirmations from Badillo about the events told by the players present.

The site has also seen messages sent by Badillo to her friends about a woman harassing Villa.

Badillo says he did everything he could to avoid Villa, Christen and Pamplona.

He also warned against changing his appearance so as not to get sexually tinted comments.

After one incident, Badillo agreed with his superiors that he would no longer be involved in the care of David Villa.

However, this agreement did not last long.

Since David Villa was the superstar of the team, nothing could be done about it, Badillo was found between the lines.

Villa left the club in October 2018. Badillo continued his training as he wanted to complete the required training hours.

While the villa was gone, the joke continued.

He ended his internship in October 2019, graduated from school - and because of his experience, ended up questioning his entire career choice.

When Badillo sent his uproaring tweets in July 2020, he ended up under intimidation.

His account was questioned, he was accused of being a liar and he was suspected of following money and publicity.

Badillo told The Athletic that he had refused the financial compensation offered by New York City FC.

He hopes that speaking out in public will help other victims of harassment understand that they are not alone.

David Villa, 38, played at NYCFC from 2014-2018.

In his career, he won both the European and World Championships in the Spanish shirt.

At the 2008 European Championships, he was the goal king of the tournament that ended in the Spanish Championship.

At the 2010 World Cup, Villa played a big role when Spain achieved the first world championship in its history.

The villa was named for the starry field of the tournament.

With 59 hits, Villa is still the player with the most goals in the Spanish men’s national team.

He ended his national team career in 2017.

Prior to chilling at MLS, Villa played in La Liga in Valencia, Barcelona and Atlético Madrid, for example.

He ended his playing career at the turn of the year in Japan.