Scottish actress Karen Gillan plays a woman in a duel with her clone in a Dual film shot in Tampere.

During the filming, Gillan has got into various battles - in real situations.

- Karen gets confused whenever she has a corona test.

He grabs the tester with both hands and pulls his head back, the film’s producer Aram Tertzakian laughs.

- Korona is a serious matter, but we took pleasure in these things.

Everyone described the tests done on Karen.

That is, even if the film crew describes the film at work, the mobile phone is filmed for their own pleasure.

- We did corona tests at least twice a week.

No cases of the disease have been reported, Tertzakian says, adding at the same time a superstitious saying:

- Knock on wood.

Karen Gillan's behavior in corona tests has aroused hilarity among the film crew. Photo: Dave Bedrosian / Future-Image / ZUMA / Mvphotos

For the film is still being made.

The last shots are filmed in the former Tampella factory building on the shores of Tammerkoski, which is part of the Finnish national landscape, in the premises of Business Tampere, one of the partners in the film project.

Filming ends on Wednesday.

The stars of the film, acting actors Aaron Paul and Beulah Koale, have already left the country, but Gillan is still there.

Aaron Paul got acquainted with Tampere's restaurant offer. Photo: Dave Starbuck

During the filming period, Paul garnered positive attention during his restaurant visits among ordinary townspeople.

The rapes made by Koale received less attention in public.

- Beulah showed such a passionate passion for Tampere that I have never seen Tertzakian, who is recognized as a friend of Finland and has visited the country about 25 times.

New Zealand actor Beulah Koale fell in love with Finland. Photo: Kay Blake

- He was obsessed with the sauna.

He went for a swim in the cold water and was there longer than any Finn.

I don’t know if he’s just so competitive or if he had Zen in his mind.

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The timing of the Duel premiere is still open.

- If all goes well and the corona situation allows, then the film will be released in late 2021, but the premiere may also drag on to 2022, says Tertzakian, one of the founders of the production company XYZ Films.

The agreement signed by the City of Tampere, Business Tampere and XYZ on Monday is a guarantee that the company will return to the city to make films.

If Korona gives, then next year.

- Absolutely.

We now have three kind of film projects that someone could come here for.

We think about it every day.

The agreement also includes the company helping Finnish young talents move forward in the film business.

- Here you can find someone who doesn't even know that he is a good filmmaker.

A big project can inspire someone young to the industry, and we want to give him a chance to advance in his career.

Film Tampere's Business Director Ilkka Rahkonen (left) and XYZ Films' Aram Tertzakian signed an agreement that US productions will continue in the city. Photo: Ossi Ahola / Aamulehti

XYZ isn’t a big name in Hollywood, but with about a hundred films in ten years, the company has already gained success and fame.

So there is a road from Tampere to the stars.

- We have not yet found a suitable ability, Tertzakian says.

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