The BBC has named Prime Minister Sanna Marini a list of the world’s 100 most influential and inspiring women.

Marin is listed first in the article “Leading the Finnish Feminine Coalition Government”.

The BBC has also made an extensive portrait of Marin.

“Sanna Marin: A feminist prime minister who says that transgender people have the right to decide for themselves their identity,” the BBC headline reads.

Among other things, the article tells about Marin's background as a child of the rainbow family, who has worked since he was young.

The August wedding of Marin and his wife Markus Räikkönen also comes to the fore.

However, the main emphasis is on Marin's career as a politician and in the Finnish female-dominated government.

According to the BBC, if a country were "a feminist utopia like Wonder Woman's island, it would be Finland."

This is not the first time that Finland has been compared to Wonder Woman's home island.

A similar parable has also been made by Trevor Noah, host of the American News Satire Daily Show, for example.

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The BBC also highlights the Marin government’s equality agenda and that changes to the translaki are also planned.

“It’s not my job to identify people,” Marin says when asked if transgender women are considered women.

- It is up to everyone to decide for themselves.

It is not my place to say that.

The British Broadcasting Corporation describes the Marin government as having received praise for treating the coronary crisis.

Instead, there has been criticism, for example, that the equality program does not sufficiently highlight the fact that those who do not have light skin color suffer the most from inequality.

The BBC's list of 100 influential women also includes Oxford University researcher Sarah Gilbert, who is developing the coronavirus vaccine, Michelle Yeoh, the star of the new Avatar film, and Svyatlana Tsihanouskaya, the Belarusian opposition leader.