Authorities in Qatar have found out who is the mother of a baby left behind at the airport.

It concerns a woman from Asia who may have already been tried in absentia.

The discovery of the deceased baby at Doha International Airport sparked an international scandal as staff forced female airline passengers to perform gynecological examinations to identify the mother.

"Investigations showed that the mother threw the newborn in a trash can in one of the toilets in the departure lounge at the airport and then boarded the plane to her destination," a Qatari prosecutor said Monday.

According to

BBC News

, the baby was still alive.

The baby's father has also been traced.

He is not married to the child's mother.

In Qatar, having children out of wedlock is a criminal offense.

The parents are from an "Asian country".

In Qatar, that reference usually refers to South Asia, where many labor migrants come from.

Mother possibly sentenced in absentia

The prosecutor said authorities are trying to arrest the "fugitive" and she will be sentenced to 15 years in prison.

He called her the "convicted person", which indicates that she may already have been tried in absentia.

It is not known whether the father was or will be convicted.

The premature baby was found in a toilet room at Doha airport in early October.

Women at the airport were then arrested, forced to take off their underwear and undergo an internal examination in an ambulance.

The incident came to light through an Australian passenger who filed a complaint with the Australian authorities.

The government of Qatar decided to prosecute the affected personnel.