Freek Jansen, candidate member of parliament and confidant of party chairman Thierry Baudet, will not leave Forum for Democracy (FVD).

A spokesperson for the party says this, after he previously reported that Jansen would leave the party


Earlier in the evening, Baudet announced that he would withdraw as party leader.

Earlier on Monday evening, a spokesman for Forum for Democracy informed that Jansen would resign.

The party will now come back to that.

Jansen would stay on anyway.

FVD and in particular the youth branch JFVD were discredited this weekend by anti-Semitic statements in app messages from some members of the youth association.

The situation escalated when a large group of prominent senators and party members turned against Jansen.

Jansen is a fraction worker and is considered Baudet's right-hand man.

He is in seventh place on the candidate list.

As chairman of the youth association, Jansen has protected members with extreme right-wing ideas, while whistleblowers who raised the abuses in the youth association were expelled.

On Monday evening,



that the party leadership, including number two Theo Hiddema, has issued an ultimatum to Baudet: JFVD must be dissolved and Jansen must leave.

This would appear from an internal letter in the hands of the newspaper.

The party would hold a crisis meeting in Amsterdam on Monday evening.

Baudet makes position available

Earlier in the evening, in response to the tensions that had arisen, Baudet announced in a video on the Forum for Democracy Twitter account that he was withdrawing as party leader.

He will, however, remain as party chairman.

"If a culture of

trial by media


, or if things actually happened that were unacceptable, I want to take political responsibility," Baudet says in the video.

"I am renouncing my place on the electoral list. I will make my position available. Of course I will remain in the Chamber. I will remain involved with FVD, I will continue to support the party. to continue to support the party. "