The social media service Twitter is giving Joe Biden access to the official Twitter account of the U.S. president after he has sworn in in January.

Twitter says it will give up the account even if incumbent President Donald Trump has not admitted his election defeat.

Other accounts related to the White House will also be handed over to the Biden team, such as those used by the Vice President and the First Woman.

Trump uses Twitter very actively, and he has sometimes been accused of dominating and making his policies on Twitter.

However, he uses the president’s official Twitter account more than his own personal account, which has nearly 89 million followers.

Trump has used the White House account primarily to redistribute tweets from his personal account.

The official account of the White House is also followed by far fewer people, 33 million.

Twitter started marking Trump's tweets

Recently, however, Trump’s use of Twitter has stalled as the service has begun to tag his tweets with a warning that they may contain false claims.

For example, Trump’s Tweets on the outcome of the U.S. presidential election have come to blame.

Trump has repeatedly tweeted allegations that the election in early November was fraudulent, even though no evidence has been found.

Numerous U.S. election officials have reported that no fraud has been detected.

Future President Biden will use Twitter significantly less.

He has only dealt 7,000 tweets, while Trump has shared about 58,000 of them.

Twitter said it was operating according to previous practice.

When official accounts are transferred to the new administration, the receipts of their current users will be archived.

Biden and others thus have access to empty accounts from which the old suites of Trump and others have been cleaned out.