The star of Secret Lives and Jasmin Voutilainen, familiar from the Miss Helsinki competition, says that she has resigned from Ville Toivonen, who was seen in the Love Island Finland series.

Voutilainen talks about it in the Stories section of Instagram.

- Such a difficult day behind, which on the other hand has also been full of relief.

Yes, this.

Today we divorced Ville, Voutilainen writes.

- I wouldn't have wanted to tell about it yet, but now that he decided to delete the joint photos, the same goes.

Voutilainen emphasizes that there is no greater drama or third parties involved.

- Now it just happened because our values ​​and views do not meet.

Voutilainen told about the relationship in October last year, but the love exploded already in the summer.

- He and Ville went to Suomenlinna on a beautiful summer day to take pictures when he had asked me to be a model after he started taking pictures.

Inspired by good pictures, I decided to ask Ville to describe me again, Voutilainen revealed at the time.

According to Voutilainen, he had no plans to start dating, but it was different.

- Suddenly I realized that I was all right, even though I had just decided to stay away from all the men.

Damn, I couldn't do anything to you.

You expect the best that has happened to me.

I love you, Salkkarit star said just over a year ago.