British comedian John Cleese, 81, shared his attention on social media, which made fans of the legend chatter in their minds.

He posted on Facebook a picture of a traffic sign, more specifically a safety road sign, which, however, has something exceptional.

Instead of the character’s character walking over the dashed line normally, it seems to leap forward in a fun way.

The humor of the Facebook update lies in the fact that the character mimics the well-known sketch The Ministry of Silly Walks, i.e. the Ministry of Funny Walking.

It’s one of the most iconic sketches from the Monty Python comedy group.

What makes Cleese's attention even more fun is that John Cleese himself is one of the members of the British group Monty Python, and according to the update, the traffic sign is located on the Finnish-Swedish border.

Judging from the text of the traffic sign, more specifically in Haparanda.

- Spotted from the park on the Finnish-Swedish border, Cleese writes in the caption.

The release of Cleese's somese was considered a joyous release and has been liked 67,000 times.

- We in Sweden like funny walks.

You would see us any Friday night, Hasse from Sweden sculpting for Cleese.

- We in Finland too, says Finnish Jenni.

- We would miss that in our city as well.

It would remind people not to take life too seriously, writes Michael of the United States.

- Who claimed that there was no humor in Sweden and Finland?

- Thanks for the laugh!

Monty Python, composed by John Cleese, Graham Chapman, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones and Michael Palin, established its reputation in the 1969-1974 BBC TV series Monty Python's Flying Circus and the subsequent films Monty Python's Crazy World (1974), Brian's Life (1979) and Monty Python - The Purpose of Life (1983).

After Monty Python, Cleese continued her career as a successful film actress.

His best-known roles include James Bond’s Q-character and the cigarette ghost of the Harry Potter movies The Almost Endless Nick.

Eventually, the Monty Python theme expanded into a myriad of peripherals, including audio recordings, animations, video games, and books.

John Cleese last performed in Finland in May 2018 at the Helsinki Culture House.

The performance was part of the comedian’s Last Time To See Me Before I Die tour.

Cleese’s show ended with a solemn and very special funeral address addressed to her herself.