The new iPhones released by Apple in October suffer from display problems.

Based on an internal Apple document seen by the MacRumors news service, Apple has become aware of a problem that in some cases causes screens to flicker, turn green, or glow gray.

Other unintentional variations in display illumination may occur.

The problem can occur on all new Apple phones, which are the iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Customers have complained about the problem at Apple Support, among others.

Based on various experiences, the problem seems to occur when the screen is not used in its full brightness.

For example, some color distortions have started at a brightness of less than 90 percent.

The problems may also go away on their own after a while.

According to a document sent by Apple to service companies, affected phones should not be serviced, and customers should be instructed to keep their phone's iOS operating system up to date.

This suggests that it may be possible for Apple to fix the problem with a software update.

However, the wait may be long if history says anything.

It wasn’t until August of this year that Apple fixed a similar bug on the iPhone 11, even though the distortion had already been complained about a month before that.

At the time, the problems were due to the thermal regulation of the phones.

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Admittedly, if it’s the same problem, Apple may now have the means to fix it much faster.

Apple may also have another problem with some new iPhones.

For some users, the lock screen does not work properly when you try to open the lock by swiping or when you try to use the camera.

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