In recent weeks, Hollywood celebrities have been able to be spotted in Tampere, as the city is currently filming a science thriller starring American actors.

At the helm of a film called Dual is director-screenwriter Riley Stearns, 34, to whom Finland and Tampere have apparently left an indelible impression.

On Instagram, Stearns shared a video in which he takes a dip accompanied by a sauna into the freezing lake water as the sun sets over Tampere.

Stearns is not an early sunset moxis, on the contrary.

- Film Tampere and Film Service Finland have pampered us to the point where I no longer know if I want to return home anymore!

So I miss Los Angeles, but where else can you go to the sauna and then take a dip in the river when the sun goes down at half past four in the afternoon, the director is enthusiastic about his upgrade.

According to the publication, the director is bathing in the Tampere-based Sauna Restaurant Kuuma, which is located next to Laukontori in the city center.

So Stearns got a dip in Tammerkoski.

- In a few weeks, I will really miss Finland a lot, Stearns continues.

In conclusion, he further notes that the first dip in cold water is always the worst.

The next swims reportedly went a little easier.

- So cold!

Stearns shows off in the video.

Directed by Stearn, the Dual is a $ 5 million, or about $ 4.3 million, science filler produced by Hollywood-based production company XYZ Films. Photo: Eli Winston / Everett / MVPhotos

The lead roles in the dual film include Aaron Paul, the main star of the Breaking Bad series, and Karen Gillan, who is familiar from the Marvel films.

Paul has also said that he fell in love with Finland on his first visit to Finland.

- Okay.

Why the hell did I not get to do this while I was there?

Best of all, Aaron Paul commented on his instructor’s swimming video.

- Dude, you left a couple of days too early, Stearns throws back.

Fans had a simple solution to Breaking Bad: next time then.

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Paul said that he was crazy about Finland, Finns and the country's hospitality. Photo: MVphotos

Stearns previously told Yle that Finland ended up as their shooting location partly due to the corona pandemic.

At first, the film crew tried to find a suitable location in Canada and New Zealand, but to no avail.

- The Finns and the Finnish government have done such a good job of curbing the corona that it was easier for us to make the decision to shoot here than anywhere else, Aram Tertzakian, the producer of the dual film, explained to Yle.

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Not much has been told to the public about the descriptions of the dual science thriller.

It is known that the film will be shot in Tampere at least in the Hervanta district and near Metso's main library.

The film has also been shot in Lempäälä in a detached house area.

At the end of October, a note slipped into the mailbox of the residents of Ruskea-ahti stating that a film would be shot in the area.