Pippa Laukka, 50, a doctor familiar with the What You Eat program, says in the Stories section of Instagram that she ended up reading a discussion about herself and her husband on Vauva.fi.

Laukka says on Instagram that he makes every effort to avoid discussion boards.

- But there seem to be quite a few experts there.

I agree with these two expert comments on the Vauva.fi website, Laukka writes on Instagram.

The screenshot shows that the conversations started on Vauva.fi are titled as follows:

"Pippa Laukka's man is handsome" and "Is Pippa Laukka much older than her husband."

Laukka, who became known as a celebrity doctor, has been quite quiet about her relationship in interviews, but she has rarely shared pieces of it on her social media.

Pippa Laukka and her husband Markku Laukka met in 2001 and married in 2003. The family includes three children.

In August 2019, Pippa Laukka shared the couple’s wedding photo on Instagram and talked about the couple’s love in a long text.

- In adulthood, we have been in our relationship together longer than without each other.

Together we have experienced so much that even without a second thought, it feels amputated.

We have rejoiced, mourned and quarreled, over small, big, important and less important things.

We have said goodbye to loved ones, met new people and yet there has always been one that has remained: us.

I have learned that the will of the sustainable relationships are needed, always either love alone is not enough.

In a relationship, the most important thing is to want to be on the same side.

Even when it is difficult or requires compassion.

That’s what I want, to be on the same side every day.

Being on our team, Laukka wrote on Instagram on the couple’s wedding day.

Laukka has also shared a kissing photo of the couple, in which she tells how the couple met in 2001. At that time, Pippa Laukka had just divorced from her previous relationship and decided that she would not want to be in the relationship for at least five years.

However, the opposite happened when she met her future husband at the bar.

- What else, that first bar trip and one look, click and that was it.

In hindsight, when you think about it, many didn’t seem to believe our thing.

A raucous girl and a super-kind gentleman, could it become something permanent?

You can't know unless you dare to throw yourself, Laukka wrote on Instagram.

The sporty couple enjoys running and walking together, of which Laukka has also shared pictures on her social media.

Sports doctor Pippa Lauka became known to the general public as an expert in the You Eat What You Eat program.

Laukka has written the books Naturally the Best, Well-Being Woman and Sports Physician.

In the spring Gallop began koronatilanteen the sake of doing on-call work in Uusimaa Located on the public side of the hospital.

Laukka told about his work in an IS interview last May:

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    Pippa Laukka shared such a picture and message with her followers on Instagram. Photo: Pippa Laukan's Instagram