Kay Wiestål, a close friend of the Swedish royal family, has died of a coronavirus, Svensk Damtidning reported.

Wiestål’s wife, Camilla, tells the newspaper that her husband died at the hospital on Saturday, November 13, due to complications from the coronavirus.

He was 80 years old at the time of his death.

- He got extra oxygen for the last 14 days, but eventually couldn't breathe anymore, his wife told Expressen.

Wiestål was known in Sweden especially as the organizer of Crown Princess Victoria's birthday party.

The annual Victoria Day tradition dates back to before the Crown Princess was even born.

Wiestål began a decades-long tradition with King Charles Gustav.

The birthday event organized by Wiestål has become one of the royal family’s most important PR appearances.

The Crown Princess was born on July 14, 1977.

Victoria Day is traditionally celebrated at the Royal Summer Venue on the island of Öland at Solliden Castle.

The Victorian Day festivities swelled into Westål’s leaps into a multi-day event.

- He made insanely good friends through Victoria Day, Camilla's wife commented to Expressen.

This year, the traditions of the celebration had to be pruned due to the corona pandemic, and the princess did not meet the Swedes in her traditional style in front of Solliden Castle.

The concert in honor of the hero of the day was also private this year.

However, the concert was broadcast on television to the Swedes.

Kay Wiestål (left in a blue suit) at the Crown Princess Victoria's 40th birthday party in Öland in summer 2017. Photo: Karin Törnblom / IBL Bildbyrå / MVPhotos

The court's information manager confirms to Svensk Damtidning that the royal family is worried about the departure of a close friend and partner.

- The news of death has reached them and of course it is really sad.

Kay Wiestål founded Victoria Day and has been involved in the celebration since the beginning, the court's communications manager Margareta Thorgren tells the magazine.

According to the head of information, Crown Princess Victoria is also saddened by Wiestål's departure.

Wiestål was responsible for arranging the princess’s birthday party until 2018, after which she stepped aside from her role.

Earlier this year, King Charles Gustav rewarded Wiestål with a medal awarded on Wiestål’s credit for organizing Victoria Day.

- Now everything is ready.

Awesome ending.

I turn 80 this year.

Now everything is really fine.

I am very proud of and access to the royal medal really means a lot to me, Wiestål commented Svensk Damtidningille in February.

Kay Wiestål once also had a career as a football player. He played his profession in the 60s and 70s in both Sweden and the United States.

- He was allowed to live exactly the life he wanted, the wife told Expressen.

In addition to his wife Camilla, Wiestålia was mourned by his daughter and granddaughter.