The rise of Töpseli hybrids has progressed in silence to the legendary SUV brand Jeep.

More specifically, the glory of the Yankee brand's first downloadable model has been taken over by the Compass, which was completely renewed a few years ago, with a new plug-in hybrid version bearing the model code 4xe.

When driving fully electric, the maximum speed of the Compass is limited to 130 kilometers per hour.

In hybrid mode, the car travels at least two hundred and the four-wheel drive plus the electronic lock can be turned on at the touch of a button.

This slightly cryptic code naturally refers to the car's electric four-wheel drive, a system in which the rear wheels are taken care of by an electric motor.

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In terms of the power line, Compass's 1.3-liter petrol engine has a companion battery with a nominal capacity of exactly 11.4 kilowatt-hours, which can run electricity for virtually a continuous distance of 30-40 kilometers.

The traction battery located on the roads of the rear axle does not delightfully eat up ground clearance, but it does take up liters from the fuel tank and boot. Photo: Tommi Lempinen

However, when it comes to charging the traction battery, it is a bit unfortunate that a full 7.4 kWh charging power still requires a rather rare 32 amp charging station at the charging station.

During the test run, this meant a maximum of about half the charging power and with it also the filling of the traction battery half as slowly as expected.

In addition to the hybrid mode, the electric driving mode Electric and the battery-saving E-Save are in use. Photo: Tommi Lempinen

No completely insane piggy bank in the new semi-electric Jeep is uncharged, as a car that has run out of battery picks up about 8-9 liters of petrol a hundred, without feeling in any way particularly fast - especially compared to the reported horsepower.

Photo: Tommi Lempinen

When driving on petrol, the need for refueling is also quite frequent due to the car's small petrol tank - which, on the other hand, is also conducive to encouraging electric charging whenever possible.

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Although the model age of the Compass is not yet very high, the car already feels a bit old-fashioned from the cab.

The center console screen also contains functions related to electric driving.

As a whole, however, the infotainment system is already at an old-fashioned level compared to competitors. Photo: Tommi Lempinen

In practice, for example, this still means a rather confusing and, in some cases, outdated Fiat-related information entertainment system, plus a slight illogicality in the best coordination of the power line.

The storage space under the driver's seat is one of the so-called Jeep specialties.

Pretty nice. Picture: Tommi Lempinen

On the other hand, Compass is also in a positive way still very unique.

With a very light steering, the Yankee-spirited feels suddenly at home, and the manual adjustment of the power line via the large controls in the center console is also pleasing.

And as a store, the car is also quite spacious and quiet as a medium-sized SUV.

A standard 2.3 kilowatt charge will restore the battery to full capacity in less than five hours.

If the charging station supports 32A current, the same can be done at more than double the speed. Photo: Tommi Lempinen

And dare the Jeep to go to the so-called light terrain, by the way.

We tried that too, and we also returned the car intact from the trash can.

Not bad!

Jeep Compass PHEV 4xe Trailhawk

  • Engine R4, turbo, 1332 cm³, 132 kW (180 hp), 270 Nm / 1850 rpm, electric motor 44 kW (60 hp), total power 176 kW

  • Performance 0–100 km / h 7.3 s, top speed 200 km / h

  • Consumption 2.4 l / 100 km 95E10

  • CO2 emissions 52 g / km

  • Charging power 7.4 kW (1x32A)

  • Traction battery 11.4 kWh

  • Transmission A6, four-wheel drive (rear with electric)

  • Dimensions p 4398, l 1819, h 1651 mm, wheelbase 2636 mm, luggage compartment 368 l, tank 37 l

  • Price 46990 euros


- Comfortable travel spaces for even surprising silence

- Even a poor cottage road has sufficient terrain properties for the so-called



- Home charger hard ampere requirement

- The confusing old-fashionedness of the infotainment system

- The local puncture of the hybrid power line