The police of Eastern Finland tell about the chain of events that helped the police track down the break in a detached house in Joensuu.

Police say they received a notice last Monday night that a taxi driver had noticed that a handgun had been left in the car at the male customer's seat.

Before the gun was found in the taxi, the customers had been a man and a woman who had been left by the driver at a gas station in Joensuu.

Police patrols captured the duo from inside the gas station based on the signals given by the taxi driver.

When the origin of the weapon was ascertained, it turned out that it was owned by a man from Joensuu, who said that he was on a holiday trip at that time.

It soon became clear that the man's detached house had been broken into no more than a few days earlier.

A passenger car was found at the place where the taxi driver had picked up the duo.

The arrested man was in possession of a key that matched the car in question.

As the police examined the car, a large amount of property stolen from Joensuu's detached house was found inside it, including a shotgun taken from the house.

Various drugs had also been found in the possession of the man apprehended at the gas station.

Last week, the North Karelian District Court arrested about thirty men on suspicion of aggravated theft of a detached house, as well as a firearms offense and a drug offense.

Police said in a statement that the reason for the detention was the risk of continuing the criminal activity, as the man is also suspected of several other property crimes that have taken place during the past year.