Tampere recently reached the world map when the city was told to shoot a Hollywood film currently starring world-famous actors.

Starring Karen Gillan and Aaron Paul, among others, Dual is a science thriller with a budget of about $ 5 million, or about $ 4.3 million, produced by Hollywood-based production company XYZ Films.

The presence of Hollywood stars in the city was also noted in a restaurant called Maja / Talo in the center of Tampere.

A sign with the image of actor Aaron Paul was erected on the door of the restaurant, which read “Have you seen this man?

Aaron Paul eats here for free ”.

It is clear from the restaurant's Instagram account that Paul arrived as if he had finally arrived to shop at a Tampere restaurant.

Maja / Talo Restaurant shared pictures in the stories section of his Instagram account, in which Paul poses next to a billboard with his own picture.

- This went better than we expected, the text of one Instagram update was heard.

Aaron Paul posing in front of a sign with his picture.Photo: Instagram / inn

Restaurant manager Sara Andersson tells IS about the memorable situation.

He had no faith in his eyes when Aaron Paul stepped into the restaurant on Thursday.

- I was embarrassed.

We didn't think he would, Andersson glows.

- When he stepped on the counter and recovered from the initial alarm, I was the first to ask what I could offer him.

I said if there should be even the whole menu, Andersson laughs.

Aaron Paul was reportedly already having dinner, but modestly ordered a beer for himself from the counter.

To other clients, he made a generous gesture.

- Aaron offered drinks to the whole bar.

He toured every table asking if there should be a drink, Andersson reveals.

Andersson describes the star of the actor as a friendly and very polite customer.

Other customers did not initially realize the situation.

- Yes, then there a little shouted and laughed together.

During the evening, Aaron chatted with others as casually as anyone.

Sara Andersson (center) was taking a picture of the actress in front of the sign, but the man definitely wanted to take a picture of her and another employee. Photo: Instagram / inn

According to the restaurant manager, Paul was also accompanied by actor Beulah Koale, photographer, director and a few members of the production team.

Andersson says the film’s director-screenwriter, Riley Stearns, had been visiting the restaurant for several weeks.

- He had been with us for a week until we recognized him from the magazine and only then did we realize who it was, Andersson says.

- There was a conversation with Riley, and he hinted that with a small chance Aaron Paul might come after the filming ends.

Pictures were remembered from the memorable evening. Photo: Instagram / inn

Maja / Talo is not the only Tampere restaurant that has resorted to a special advertising gimmick to attract Hollywood stars.

Karen Gillan, who stars in the film, recently shared in her own Instagram a picture of the advertising stand of a bunny café 3D Crush, announcing that Gillan is eating and drinking in the cafe for free.

- Karen Gillan and her clones eat and drink in the cafe for free.

This also includes entrance to the bunny therapy room, the cafe sign read.

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Paul and Gillan are not the only stars in the film who have had time to admire and marvel at Tampere during the filming.

New Zealand actor Beulah Koale, seen in the film, released a video on her Instagram in which she marvels at the snow.

Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul is currently filming in Tampere. Photo: Mario Anzuoni

Not much has been told to the public about the descriptions of the dual science thriller.

It is known that the film will be shot in Tampere at least in the Hervanta district and near Metso's main library.

The film has also been shot in Lempäälä in a detached house area.

At the end of October, a note slipped into the mailbox of Ruskea-ahti residents announcing that a film was being shot in the area.