Comedian and actor Sacha Baron Cohen’s sequel to the Borat film Borat Subsequent Moviefilm was released in late October.

As is familiar, the novelty film sees several mind-boggling scenes, but one of them became the topic of conversation.

The film features Rudy Giuliani, also known as President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer.

Giulian is not seen in the film in a particularly flattering light.

She has agreed to be interviewed by “Borat’s Daughter”.

“Minor Daughter” is played in the film by actress Maria Bakalova.

Giuliani thinks he is giving an interview to a fake conservative TV channel.

After the interview, Borat’s daughter suggests the duo still go for drinks in her hotel room.

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The film shows a scene where Giuliani sits on a bed in a hotel room while her daughter strips her of the microphone used in the interview.

Soon the situation escalates when 76-year-old Giuliani leans back on the bed back to a lying position.

Giuliani then pushes his hand into his pants.

At this point, Borat, played by Sacha Baron Cohen, rushes into a room equipped with hidden cameras.

- She's 15 years old.

He's way too old for you, Borat shoots.

Bakalova has spoken of the scene for the first time to The New York Times.

He says he was very nervous about the filming.

- My heart was pounding, but Sacha said I must be nervous.

Use your nerves.

Accept the excitement and then you will get through everything.

Bakalova, 24, from Bulgaria, says Cohen was his guardian angel during the filming.

- I was sure Sacha would save me - and save the scene so it wouldn't be a disaster.

Bakalova did not comment on whether Giuliani behaved inappropriately in the situation, or whether she knew that Bakalova was not really 15 years old.

- I saw exactly what the viewers see.

If you’ve seen the movie, you’re sure to understand our message.

We want everyone to see the movie and decide for themselves how the situation really went.

- I didn't arrange an interview.

I just went and made a scene, so I can’t know what Giuliani knew in advance or didn’t know.

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Giuliani has denied in public that he has done anything inappropriate.

- The video is full.

I just pushed a shirt hem into my pants after the interview microphone was taken off, Giuliani wrote on Twitter.

- I did nothing inappropriate before or after the interview.

If Sacha Baron Cohen claims otherwise, he is lying.

Bakalova is not annoyed that he participated in Giulian's overthrow.

- Movies like that show what people really are.

Rudy’s true personality is revealed in the film.

He is responsible for his own actions.

So no, I don’t feel bad.