The intellectual tax required by top sports is something that very few athletes still want or dare to talk about in public.

You do not want to break the hard shell.

Sometimes too much is too much.

In tennis, Nick Kyrgios has been known for years, in addition to his victories, as a pitchfork and fiery fighter.

Kyrgios told the Sydney Sunday Telegraph that he drifted into a corner in 2018 when the games didn’t go and there were problems in his personal life.

“When I had a hard time - and it’s not just about tennis - I was really depressed at times,” Kyrgios told the newspaper, according to the Guardian who borrowed it.

Kyrgios recounts how he felt that no one wanted to get to know him as a person but only to use him as a tennis player.

The Australian no longer dared to trust anyone anymore.

- I remember waking up one year in Shanghai.

It was four in the afternoon and I was still in bed.

I didn't want to see the light of day.

The pressure to win the games got really hard.

Likewise, the reputation of the “evil boy”.

He was fined and suspended for 16 weeks in September 2019 for his continued misconduct on the pitch.

- It was a gloomy, lonely place.

I lost my joy at the game and lost control of my life.

I was depressed under everything I thought I had to be.

I didn’t dare go talk to people because I was afraid I would disappoint them when I didn’t win games.

Kyrgios has won six ATP tournaments in his career with a win percentage of 62.9.

He has been ranked 13th on the world top.

He is currently taking a break from games due to the corona pandemic.

He has earned more than seven million euros in prize money during his professional career.