The increased home time due to the coronavirus epidemic blew up the Finnish sex trade to record sales figures.

Sex trade Kaalimado's CEO Mikko Rosén says that the trade grew by several tens of percent from the previous year.

- This is our best sales year.

There are also marketing actions we have taken in the background, but yes, the corona can be said to have helped sales, says Rosén.

There are more and more couples among the subscribers.

Men have ordered a lot of clitoral stimulants, for example.

- I think that less often comes to one's own use.

Often a man buys a vibrator for a woman as a gift or for common use.

The same phenomenon has been noticed by Rune Kjelsmark, a spokesman for Danish-owned Sinful.

Sales of sexual intercourse for couples have grown the most.

The trend is the same in all the Nordic countries, Kjelsmark knows.

In addition to vibrators, Finnish couples have ordered record erotic board games, among other things.

The Christmas theme began to be reflected in the orders of the company, which has increased its sales by 55 percent, in October.

- Finnish couples have ordered many more erotic Christmas calendars than we would have ever believed, Kjelsmark reveals to IS by e-mail.

Lubricants are the most traded on the cabbage mat.

There is also considerable demand for vibrators, stimulators, condoms and vibrators.

The Satisfyer Pro 2 stimulator has become the number one product of the year, the sales figures of which Rosén says bounced after the discussion in the Women's Room in the Women's Room last year.

Last year, according to Rosén, 40,000 copies were sold, this year already 70,000.

Although the corona year has become a record year for Kaalimado, sales have already increased in many previous years.

The CEO thinks that the release of attitudes is visible.

- Sex toys are not as taboo as they were 5-10 years ago.

Issues are being discussed more and more openly.

Mikko Rosén, CEO of Kaalimato, says that the company's turnover has increased by several tens of percent over the past year.

Cabbage worm does not have a customer register, which is why there is no statistical information on the gender or age distribution of customers.

In any case, most of the company's marketing is targeted at women.

According to Rosén, women talk more freely about sex devices than men.

Of course, the company has also increased its marketing to men.

He adds that the range of products aimed at men has also grown.

- Nowadays, men can also use aids.

In the past, there has been a stereotype that women who use sex tools are confident, and men, in turn, are little pathetic cases.

According to sexual therapist Elina Tanskanen, the phenomenon has its roots in the obscure history and the time when a man's sexuality was reduced to procreation.

The therapist believes that because of this, male masturbation is still associated with a plethora of negative attitudes and feelings of shame.

- There has been talk of pathetic jerks as well as wasting seeds.

It’s just a valid question, which is why perceptions of women’s masturbation are more empowering, rockier, and more fun.

Demand for BDSM-themed sex toys has risen since the 2010 Fifty Shades of Gray book series. Photo: Jussi Nukari / Lehtikuva

Kaalimado's sales statistics seen by Ilta-Sanomat show that there are also some differences between cities in the sex goods trade.

In Forssa, for example, anal sex is more popular than elsewhere.

Most Kaalimado products are ordered in proportion to the population in Pirkkala.

Rosén considers it possible that the Pirkanmaa population of about 20,000 inhabitants is the capital of domestic eroticism.

This may be affected by the fact that there are more students in Pirkkala than average.

- On the other hand, even before the online stores, those living in the Tampere region were Finland's largest customers of erotic stone footwear stores, so this is not surprising.

Could it be due to tap water or what?

If so, I would like the same water from the taps everywhere.

In addition to the toys themselves, the hit products of the cabbage worm are cleaning products for washing them.

When Ilta-Sanomat inquires from Rosén whether this indicates a high level of hygiene for sex toy users, the CEO responds with a sweet laugh.

- At least we hope that suggests.

Especially if the tools are used by more than one person.

At the societal level, Rosén believes the sex toy business promotes economic growth as well as sexual health and well-being in particular.

- I am not a Therapist or a Nurse, but of course man is a sexual being.

It carries from birth to death, the CEO says.

Elina Tanskanen, a sex therapist at a special level, believes that sex trade has been boosted even before the coronavirus pandemic by the facilitated availability of the Internet, technological development, diversified offerings and a general change in attitudes towards a more sex-friendly direction.

- Yes, today toys are better than 20 years ago, not to mention the previous time, Tanskanen says.

Popular culture on the subject has also played a role.

According to Tanskanen, the attitude atmosphere both in the world and in Finland began to be released in the 1990s with the popular Single Life series.

- It was a significant impetus, after which we started talking about sex toys even more and in an accepting atmosphere.

Today, the issue is much on the agenda.

There are tool reviews and demonstrations, and some influencers address the topic.

The impact of popular culture on people’s bedroom habits was also seen in the 2010s, when demand for BDSM-inspired sex products exploded with the popular 50 Shades of Gray book series.

Kaalimado's CEO Mikko Rosén says that the success of the book series has also been reflected in the sale of the company he manages.

- During the publication of the book series, there was a clear peak in demand for BDSM products.

It has since grown steadily year by year.

Today, the discussion about sex toys is diverse, according to sexual therapist Tanskanen.

Although masturbation is often thought of as the purpose of sex equipment, it is also often acquired by couples who refresh their bedroom lives.

- Sex Therapist I have heard many stories of how people have raised the quality of sex life means.

They are often a welcome help, joy and cheer.