During the week of November, varied everyday dishes are prepared.

On Monday, food is made from the pike.

It is a good, domestic fish from which a wide variety of delicacies are prepared.

To make the fish itself with this guide, all you need is boneless pike fillet, whipped cream and salt.

Minced meat soup is prepared on Tuesday.

More nutrients are obtained by adding lentils to it.

On Wednesday, it’s time for a quick spaghetti.

On Thursday, meatballs with a particularly delicious sauce are prepared.

The sauce is also made easily.

After the meatballs are fried, add cream, beer and mustard and a pinch of salt to the frying pan.

The perfect sauce is in it, the recipe is presented.

On Friday, it is time to make affordable oven-baked saithe.

It is also light.

More ready weekday menus can be found here.


Haukiwallenberg, music and peanut butter

Photo: Jukka Lehtinen


Minced meat lentil soup

Photo: Jukka Lehtinen


Bacon-broccoli spaghetti

Photo: Jukka Lehtinen


Meatballs in beer sauce


Oven sauce in caper-lemon sauce

Photo: Jukka Lehtinen